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A great app for watching Live TV For Free. It also has a Movies section, allowing you to have plenty of Binge watches. Xumo TV is licensed and pays for its own content. Meaning that you’re not watching an illegal service and should be better quality.

You aren’t going to find all the latest Movies and big names but it sure is an option for anybody who likes watching random stuff. In the Live TV Area you will find a lot of channel categories to choose from. Ranging from Documentary, Science, Sports etc.

I know this App isn’t going to be for everybody, but it’s a great option. 1 thing that surprised me is it even has the PGA Tour Channel on there. Now that for me is a huge plus.

The only downfall is Xumo TV is locked to USA Users ONLY. This can be fixed simply by using a VPN, and connecting to a USA Server. I’m guessing you already own a VPN, because when it comes to streaming and using third party Apps, it’s recommended to use 1 at all times. We have a range of Free VPN’s you can try but Free are not recommended. You can find these in the Downloads Section.

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Xumo TV Download


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