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WOW Sports Not Working

Thousands of people have noticed that WOW Sports has stopped working. Either the WOW Sports app won’t open or it gives the error no connection. Today we will talk about what the problem could be and why is WOW Sports not working!

Why is WOW Sports Not Working?

As many of you sports enthusiasts may already know, just a few days ago NaviXsport was also taken down and is no longer working. This is due to a clamp down on copyrighted content, and obviously sports apps are the most vulnerable to it all right now. WOW Sports gave you Live Sports Streams from around the world and the main category being English Football. Although the app itself claims it does not own or host any of the streams it still looks like the app has been taken down.

It could be temporary

WOW Sports may not have been taken offline completely and could be back up and running by this evening. As some of you may already know the BPL won a court case and are allow to block any sports streams within certain peak event times (such as match days). This is when broadcasters find what servers are distributing the Live Sports Links, and by law your internet service provider has to block the servers certain times. For Example: on a Saturday a server maybe blocked between 12pm and 5pm.

We do think that it is only temporary and also think you will see the app start to work again at some point today!

How to stop ISP Blocks

If your internet service provide is in fact blocking a server then there is a way to bypass this. Simply by using a vpn. We have a choice of FREE VPN’s in our Downloads Section. This will stop your isp seeing that you’re trying to connect to the blocked server and actually show you connecting to a vpn server. This then lifts the block and allows you to watch blocked content as usual. So we recommend trying a vpn to see if this maybe the issue. NOTE: We don’t know what kind of permissions free vpn’s have access to. This is why we only fully recommend using a premium vpn. Here are a few you can go check out.

Premium VPN Services

See all the most popular and trusted paid vpn’s below.

Image result for vpn

Is There Another App You Can Use?

The answer is yes, but the options are becoming less and less. There is only one other apk the same as WOW Sports & NaviXsport and it’s called Live Sports TV. This app has a very similar layout to WOW Sports and is practically identical to NaviXsport. But what you can also do is try testing any Live TV apk’s as these also list sports channels from around the world. Although in the UK they don’t show Live 3pm Kick Offs, they may well do in other countries. so it’s worth checking the likes of Bein Sports, NBC and others like this.

Live Sports TV Install Guide

You can install the Live Sports TV app quite simple and we will list an install guide you can follow. You will also find a few Live TV apk’s available to download from the same place so you can also try those.



But it says NaviXsport?

We are aware that the video shown is about NaviXsport, but the same thing happened to them just a few days ago. So the install process and the new alternative app shown will be just the same. So follow all the instructions shown and you should be good.

Imprtant notice

IMPORTANT: When installing third party apps to your device it’s recommended to use a VPN. This allows you to hide your IP Address so nobody can see what you are viewing. It also allows region locked content and more links to show. Visit the Best VPN for Android Devices. Official Site

Legal Notice

Legal Notice: The streaming apps and covered on the Let’s Crack On website may include copyrighted content. Users should only use these app’s to access media that falls under Public Domain status and is not protected by copyright. We do not condone any form of Piracy or streaming content you do not own. We also do not know what license this specific apk may have or not have. Please check these details before you use any APPS. Please check your countries laws regarding content owners and rights for streaming.

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