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Which Android Boxes Have Official Android TV

You will see a lot of Android Boxes advertised claiming to be Google Certified and have the Official Android TV OS. But in most cases this will be false so you need to be careful. Which Android TV Boxes have Official Android TV?

What Is Google Certified Android TV

There are thousands of different models of Android Boxes floating around the web, and a lot of them are great. But what is a Google Certified TV Box? Below we will list the various differences between using Official Android TV boxes as a pose to boxes which aren’t supported READ MORE

What Boxes are ‘NOT’ Google Certified With Android TV

You need to be careful when searching online for a Google Certified TV Box. A lot will show claiming to have Official android TV and to be Google Certified, when in-fact they don’t. They use a cracked version of the Android TV OS so it has the exact same Features, Looks and Layout. But as it’s a cracked version it’s not a Google Certified TV Box. This meaning updates may not be supported, Apps such as Netflix HD may not work, and other bugs.

Android Boxes With Cracked Android TV OS

  • MeCool KM3
  • MeCool KM9
  • M8s Pro L

Those are just a few which don’t seem to be Google Certified Devices. Comment anymore below which you have seen also.

Android Boxes Which Have Official Android TV

There are only a couple of Google Certified Android TV Boxes worth buying now and which have the Official Android TV OS. We will start with the Cheapest first then going up in price.

Google Certified Android TV Boxes

In my opinion these are the only 3 worth getting if you want an official version. You have a budget box with Xiaomi which performs awesome. Then the more expensive Shield products if you want to Game on the devices too. Both can be seen in the Let’s Crack On SHOP along with other products and accessories.

Official Android TV Box


Let's Crack On Shop


  1. Hi I have a tv boxs that is google certified and it does up dated. It the GGTV box, I got it a year ago when google started this, and it works great. Like your channel

  2. Cut to the chase and give us a list of not “google” supported, would be very nice. Or is that asking too much ?
    But thanks for the heads-up anyhow.

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