What Is Real Debrid & What Does It Do

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  1. Hi FreeTech, I have started using Real Debrid and since I was already an IP Vanish customer I use this as my VPN. I purchase the A95X Max and installed filelinked with some of the APKs that you kindly provided. I noticed that when using some of the TV streaming services with IP Vanish and my real debrid only a small selection of streaming services were available. None of the links have any file sizes so they looked like you could only stream and not download. Switched off the VPN and more streams and downloads became available for real debrid. Done a bit of research and it looks like IP Vanish is not a supported VPN. You can view this on their website. Real debrid‘ website says IP Vanish is non cooperative. Can you please shed some light on this?

  2. If you download torrents regularly too, real-debrid will download them for you then give you a link to download the torrent direct from their website instead. This means your not directly downloading torrents so you cant get into trouble for sharing the files as your downloading it. Plus the torrent downloads a hell of a lot faster to their server then full speed from their server to you.


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