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WeChip W2 Air Mouse – Is It The Best?

The WeChip W2 remote has just been released and looks like quite the upgrade from the W1. But and there’s a But…lol. The WeChip W2 Air Mouse – Is It The Best?

WeChip recently released there upgrade Air Mouse and I personally was really excited for it. But after testing I found a few things that you may want to know. You may even decide to go with the older version.

The older WeChip W1 is the Recommended Product!

What is the WeChip W2 Air Mouse

Wechip W2

The WeChip is a USB Remote which in my opinion are better than most remotes found with Android Boxes. It can also be used on Firestick using the OTG Cable. It’s Plug & Play, meaning you don’t have to install any apps to get it working. The mouse function also works instantly, so those apps needing a mouse app can be navigated easily. You can also use the Air Mouse in regular Apps if preferred.

The Remote also has a qwerty keyboard on the back, making it easy to type in searches. No more clicking the arrows around the keypad on the bottom of the screen. 1 thing you might love about this remote is that it has a find me function. By clicking the button on the USB Dongle it will trigger the beep sound on the remote, which is pretty cool.

Another thing I love is the updated Carbon look, I think it looks awesome.

The WeChip W2 also has some other features I love and you can see my review on YouTube for more information on the features.


Why the WeChip W1 Is Better

We Chip W1

The WeChip W1 is the older version and in my opinion still the 1 I’d recommend. I found the W2 doesn’t respond as you’d expect inside various Apps like free VPN’s and others. It seems to auto click and just becomes difficult to navigate.

The W1 also has a Home Button, which the newer remote has removed (why I don’t know). The Home Button for me is a button I use quite frequently, so removing it I think was a mistake.

Although the 2 reasons mentioned above seem minor, for me personally they are a huge inconvenience. The navigation alone inside Apps and the random clicking is enough to make me revert back to using the older W1 version. There are more reasons but we don’t want to bore you with tonnes of reading lol.

Which Should You Buy

In my honest opinion I would go for the older W1 version of the Air Mouse Remote. It’s the best on the market and functions great. I’ve been using it on my main devices for months now and love it. I was hoping to upgrade them to the W2, but unfortunately they didn’t work as I expected. Plus the older version is cheaper, so works better and less money.

Although the W2 isn’t what I expected, WeChip still produce the best USB Remotes on the market. I’ve tried numerous different Controls and the WeChip W1 beats them all hands down. You can check out my older review of the W1 on YouTube below.

If you want to use on Firestick you will also need the OTG Cable. You can find both products in our Firestick Accessories Section!


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