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WeChip W1 vs WeChip W2 | Best Airmouse Remote

This is my latest video from the Free Tech YouTube Channel, this video is WeChip W1 vs WeChip W2 | Best Airmouse Remote.

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WeChip W1 vs WeChip W2 | Best Airmouse Remote

WeChip W1 vs WeChip W2 | Best Airmouse Remote Description and Links

What is the best airmouse remote for Firestick / Android Box? Should you choose the WeChip W1 or the WeChip W2? Here are my honest thoughts on both remotes and the pro’s & cons! ****** RECOMMENDED VPNs ****** IPVanish (upto 57% OFF) : QUAD VPN (upto 55%OFF) : Express VPN : Nord VPN (upto 75% OFF) : Hidden Vpn Router : ****** SOCIAL LINKS ****** FACEBOOK – TWITTER – SECOND YOUTUBE CHANNEL – DISCORD – Website – Email – [email protected] ****** RECOMMENDED ANDROID TV BOXES ****** NVIDIA SHIELD – AMAZON FIRESTICK 4K – MECOOL KM3 – MECOOL KM9 – BEELINK GT KING – H96 MINI BLUE – H96 MAX – H96 MAX X2 – T95Q – ****** AMAZON LINKS ****** 30 DAY PRIME MUSIC TRIAL – 30 DAY PRIME VIDEO TRIAL – 30 DAY PRIME TRIAL – ****** TO MAKE A DONATION ****** Visit Here – ————————————————————————————————————- Intro Music : Alex Skrindo & Miza – Thinkin’ [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: Track: Coopex – Over The Sun [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: Free Download / Stream: *************************************************** Disclaimer : We do not host or own any content. Videos are educational purposes only. Streaming laws vary depending on your location, please check and understand your local laws to avoid any offence. Free Tech holds no responsibility for any legal issues, technical issues or damages during any flashing. You follow our tutorials at your own risk. ***************************************************
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  1. maybe in this Chinese device W2 just only need to click and hold for a sec the back button and then it will work as Home buttom. could anyone check it on his W2 device?

  2. This looks a really good remote but… I had the w1 and that died after just 3 months whilst using it in my hand not dropped or anything . New batteries etc but dead. Only gripe I had was that the keyboard didn't light up as I was used to this on my other keyboard. I went back to the old popular Chinese keyboard one even though the build quality isn't as good as the WeChip…. Its still working after 2 years.

  3. I've ordered the WeChip W1 remote Adam, (coming tomorrow) along with the UGREEN USB 3.0 Hub Ethernet Adapter and the CentBest Micro USB Splitter Cable OTG Power Enhancer Cord following your previous video……..hoping these gadgets will enhance my recently purchased Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD……which is AWESOME 🙂 Many thanks

  4. Hi Adam. Just purchased the WeChip 1. Working great but when I search for a movie on cyberflix, once I've finished entering the title and press enter, it doesn't work and I have to use the air mouse to search for the content.

    Any tips?

  5. Nice advice mate 👍 just ordered the w1 and otg cable as i need that home button, keep up the good work and stay safe 👍👍

  6. Got a W1 for my T9 Andriod box, Good points:
    Great battery life.
    Very responsive and accurate.
    Comfortable to hold.
    Bad Points:
    Keyboard does not work – When you type a word using the keyboard, you just get scrambled characters on the andriod like this: &#€4,*gek.
    But the air mouse works so well, I always use the on screen keyboard anyway.

  7. Have loaded 9.0.4 live lounge on firestick, cant now access listings for movies or tv shows, everything else ok – anyone else got this problem

  8. I have the W1 remote based on your original recommendation, I love it it! the only issue I have is the power button is useless on the shield, would be nice if it would put the shield to sleep. The volume button controls my soundbar just fine. And yes the home button is absolutely essential

  9. I bought w1 and found it useless I had to point it at anything else other than the intended device I was using before it would go to where I wanted it to go to

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