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Watched App – Awesome All In 1 Streaming App

Watched is an awesome all in 1 streaming app that allows you to watch Moves, TV Shows & Live TV completely free. Watched is an app a lot of streamers are starting to turn to for high quality streams.

What Is Watched

Watched App is an awesome all in 1 streaming app that has an easy to use layout, high quality streams and is maintained very well. It has a very similar feel to Stremio & KokoTime, but Watched also has Live TV Channels at no cost to you. shortly we will tell you the simple adjustment you need to make to access all the latest content too.

NOTE: When streaming from third party apps and websites, it’s always recommended to use a VPN.

The app works from addons which you can select when launching the app in the manager section, each addon is different and will contain different kinds of content. A huge plus with the Watched app is you have the ability to add your own addons, meaning we can unlock a lot more content than the preloaded addons will give us.

When selecting an addon you will be greeted with Popular/Trending Movies & TV Shows and also trending TV Channels dependent on the addon selected.

Watched App

You will also have a Live TV Section on the left side of the screen to access all the Free live TV Channels from worldwide. Another great feature with the Live TV section is you can filter by country and also save favourites. Making the app very customizable and easy to put all your preferred content in 1 section.

After clicking on the Trending Movies section for example, you will be directed to the Movies section and are able to filter by Genre, Date, Language, Year etc.

Watched APK

Here is a quote from the official Watched website – “One app. Easy to use. Unlimited possibilities. Our concept is simple: WATCHED combines the functions of a media player in combination with a browser. What’s the outcome? Excellent entertainment. Does it make you wonder that WATCHED is currently one of the most popular apps worldwide?. To your surprise, our app is available for free. Yep. That’s right. Totally free. Download our app now and become a part of our global community!”

NOTE: We don’t know if this uses Torrents for the streams similar to Stremio, so would strongly recommend using a VPN when using the Watched App!

Where To Download The Watched App

The install process is really simple and you download the official version from the Watched Website. Alternatively you will find it in most Filelinked stores if you prefer to install this way. Filelinked can be installed from our Downloads Section, and to find the best Filelinked codes, simply go to our Pin Codes Section.

How To Setup Watched

Now we will show you just 1 simple adjustment you need to make to access all the secret content inside the Watched App. This isn’t a must and you can use the content readily available inside the app as default. But adding this will unlock all the latest Movies, TV Shows & Live TV Channels for free.

When opening the App you go to the Manager section on the left.

Watched addon

After selecting Manager you will be prompted to install a bundle like below.

Watched addons

Now we will enter a URL and if this ever changes we will update this post.

Watched addon url

Once you enter the code click Continue.

And it’s as simple as that, once selecting continue it will resolve the URL and let you access content from that addon we just added.

If you want to change the addon at any time you can do this by going into the Manager tab once again. Then you will see all the current addons which are currently available for you to use, and at the moment ours is the HUHU.TO addon.

Watched addons manager

If you ever find that the app doesn’t display properly, you can go into Settings and see if the TV Mode setting is selected. If not, it will go into a mobile view. We also noticed some say to enable Developer Mode inside the settings section, but didn’t seem necessary.

The more you test the Watched App, the more you will get use to the layout and features. We just tried to make this guide as straight forward as possible to get you started. If you have any issues be sure to leave a comment and either ourselves or other visitors can try to help.

DISCLAIMER – We do ‘NOT’ know what permissions this website has to distribute the content listed on the website. It maybe worth checking the terms and policies on their website and also the laws on streaming in your region. We don ‘NOT’ condone any form of piracy or distributing content you do not own.

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