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Watch NBA Live Streaming Free Online

The NBA is one of the most popular sports, especially in the USA. So today we will tell you how you can watch NBA Live Streaming FREE Online.

The best way has to be by using a Free Nba Live Stream App. We will show you the best place to get these apps below. But first of all let’s cover some other places you may not have tried.

NBA Live Stream Watch Online

There are numerous different ways to watch NBA Live Streams for free from around the world. Usually the way we usually expect is by using a free streaming app. But did you know a great place to find NBA Live Streams for FREE is by simply going online and finding NBA Streams?

We will show you below a few places you can check in to watch NBA online free. Not all these places are guaranteed to have the game you want to watch. But from the list we will show you there’s a good chance of finding it. You may also have to be prepared to battle a lot of ads. Each method will be different for each user so it maybe worth trying them out first.

Watch NBA Live Streaming Free Online

One of the best ways to watch NBA Live Streaming FREE is by using nba streaming sites. This makes it easy to watch on almost any device with a web browser, including mobile phones and tablets.

We will list a couple of sites below you can visit to see if the nba stream you are looking for is there. Alternatively you can just enter nba live stream free in Google and check out the results.




These are just a few examples of websites you can watch NBA Live Streams. The biggest problem we found with this is that they are bloated with ads. But it you can figure out how to navigate the sites you should be good.

Reddit NBA Streams

This method can work but using apps maybe better. See more below of how to get NBA Stream on Apps and how to install them.

Many people don’t know that Reddit can be a great source for multiple purposes. One of those being Live NBA Streams on Reddit. Although many accounts get banned for streaming content as they may not have the correct licenses, they will link likely to places you can go to find the game.

Here are a couple of Reddit NBA Streams accounts you can search on your device. And you can also just browse Reddit in general to find more NBA Live Streams.

Reddit NBAStreams

The link above has over 10k Followers so a lot of people must be happy with the links they found here. But we don’t think this is the best way to search for the game

Other Social Media Platforms

You can search various places where people will direct to live streams. But be careful and make sure they are trusted sources.

NBA Stream Twitter

NBA Stream Links on Facebook

NBA Live Streaming App (recommended)


Image result for nba live streams app

Recommended Way To Watch NBA Live Streams

You will find a few different Android Apps to watch nba live stream free, but here’s one that seems to be very popular. It’s available in the Google Play Store but most people prefer to use Filelinked or APK Time. You can find them all over if you look but we will show you the best places here.

NBA Live streams App

NBA Live Stream

As you can see above the app opens with the schedule and you see it say ‘Updating‘ in red. When a game is live you will see streams appear here that you can click on to stream NBA Live Free.

Dofu Live Stream

Another Awesome App for NBA Live Streams

dofu NBA sports apk

Dofu Live Stream is another app available in the Google Play Store, Filelinked & APK Time. It is very similar to the app above but obviously having a backup is a great plan. Working pretty much the same but also offers other US sports inside the app. By clicking the drop down at the top you can select from NBA, NFL, MLB etc.

nba live stream free

How To Install NBA Live Stream Apps

The first place is the Google Play Store and just search NBA Live Stream. Then you will see the 2 recommended apps.

Below is a post of how to install APK Time & Filelinked.


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