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This is 1 reason I recommend you use a VPN. Make sure you stay SAFE & HIDDEN when online & streaming. IP Vanish Is the Best Premium VPN Around and 1 I …



  1. Be careful when streaming folks.
    This is 1 reason I recommend you use a VPN. Make sure you stay SAFE & HIDDEN when online & streaming.

    IP Vanish Is the Best Premium VPN Around and 1 I use personally. Check It Out Here For The Best Offers :

  2. I wouldn't mind using the official version if all the channels didn't buffer or freeze or no sound or channel down at the moment etc. Otherwise , Free Pirate version all the way

  3. Thanks Free Tech for the warning. I use a vpn and it's great to have. I was seriously thinking about installing Exousia since it came out but was a little hesitant. Now I know why I hesitated. Maybe one day I'll install the developer version but not right now. I'll keep what I have until some of those fail. I just don't like to take chances on just anything to install on my device. Keep up the good work dude.

  4. dear sir keep laughing smiling in the circle and keep us benefited from latest news about filelinked. you cheer up everybody around. thanks

  5. Thank you for your channel and tech info. I only disagree with you on what VPN to use. I had a year subscription to IP Vanish and I had nothing but problems with it dropping out on me. Would have to leave what I was doing(3 to 4 times an hour) to check if it was still running, and a lot of times it wasn't. Been using Express VPN since last June and zero problems. This is just my experience.

  6. Eh up lad,, hey i superscribed to streamkings uk (a years sub) watching through iptv smarters was working flawlessly untill a couple of days ago now wont connect to the server now, and i cant get in touch with them. what iptv service do you recommend whats the most reputable with good costumer support?? struggling to find a decent free apk for my android box now as most of them are shit now also miss my Racing uk ( horses)….. Oh and where do you find Giant snails? on the end of Giants fingers LOL we joke fer ya 😉

  7. By far the most enjoyable Tech videos on YouTube! I do think it would be helpful if you always posted a link to your website under each video. Thanks for the info and always the great laughs!

  8. My son has got a part in the school play, he is playing a man that had been married 25 years! I told him not to be too upset and that he may get a speaking role next time x

  9. I reckon this was deffo the reason LiveLounge stopped working for me.I've now uninstalled it and installed the official version and it now works fine…I can live with the ads,,

  10. Just downloaded livelounge from your filelinked, now when I go to sports I get a message saying "couldn't get json from server, check logcat for possible errors". Now me being a bit dogshit with technical matters can you help me fathom what the hell all that means please. Cheers mark.

  11. If you don't use the versions of the app that have been tampered with you need not worry.

    This Developer has already added anti tamper code in the past. Unscrupulous hacker still tampered with his apps and 5 of the other most popular apps to add Malicious code which had the ability to "phone home" with account details, to the Hackers as soon as it had embedded onto users devices.


    All the information and proof is available online……. It's not like it would have been hard work to find even.

    Anyone that follows this clueless, clickbait leech is a bigger fool than he is.

    Do your own research people.
    Don't rely on clueless knobheads like this..

    Don't forget to unsubsubscibe.
    Why should he profit of you all when he can't even try to provide you with valid or correct information.


  12. Are all your apps official apps from your site? Because to be honest i wouldnt no if its modded or an official. Excuse my ignorance. Complete noddy here. Lol

  13. hi freetech its paul , ive got 2 firesticks , on my new 4k one live lounge works great at the moment but on my 2nd generation firestick the live lounge update 7.09 will not work , can you help , your channel is great , can you give any updates

  14. I downloaded Exousia yesterday then got an email to say they have all my details and contacts and unless I send them 700 bitcoins they will mess my computer in 48 hours.

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