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WARNING | Is The Streaming App You Use Safe?

WARNING | Is The Streaming App You Use Safe?

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  1. What usually happens is..when u try to..or..start streaming..your I.P. deliberately drops your network temporarily..and/or it shuts-off. You then click the top your network on & off and it comes back on..winner….

  2. all true words i work at an isp and 100% torrents are trscked and also more importantly certain big companies (broadcasters 2 of them)actively issue lists of ip addys to block espec on big days …boxing…footy n that.. but you are safe with ur usual cyberflix n the like… torrents…you will get flagged and letters and if ur with say sky…and other big big ones…believe me they are the ones that will chop you.. can d.m you who wont though 😉

  3. Hey adam just ti thankyou as my girl having het friends her friends for sleepover they happy watching stranger things on apk you recomended so i got bit of peace

  4. best advice never download an app to your phone and android box is always safer! apps that ask permission for storage, camera, phone, contact be very careful. When no using an android box, disconnect from power!

  5. Right on brother, I've gotten a letter before( for that atrocious Wonder Woman). That's why I use a vpn. Media box is also torrents. Thanks for the video.

  6. I heard nightmares about Stremio and stayed away from those. I'm wondering if you've seen these apps that appear on the play store that use TDB which uses torrents but they don't tell you anything about that and if these are safe to use or not.

  7. When I watch movies on showbox, I just watch them, I do not download them. So will I be safe if I do not have a VPN? I'm not sure how to use free VPN, if I downloaded it. Please answer.

  8. Great update im with virgin media and have had two emails specifiying what and when copyright material was watched it was my son on his phone streaning to his tv he now uses our vpn he was using showbox didnt know about the setting in showbox will look for it now as always thanks for what you do to help the not so tech savy have a great weekend mate

  9. Hi free tech . You talk a lot about using a VPN service I think we are aware what it is and what you can do with a VPN, my question is that if someone watches movie and tv app on a android device what would someone set a VPN to country wise etc etc maybe do a video on it thx

  10. Your the best man I know without even having the pleasure of meeting you, that said, I need to find a Spanish channel stream that actually works, what do you recommend?

  11. P2P has always been the worst way to download or stream content without some sort of protection! Like a awesome looking woman you know is a bit dirty….you do but use protection!

  12. Hi there could you suggest a good premium live TV which is cheap with no buffering with sports and movie channels for the UK my dad has become disabled
    And is stuck in the house and the sky sub is killing me didn't know where to send this question
    Sorry about that mate

  13. Agree with .you Adam people should be using a vpn before streaming anything??? Are you sweating or come out the shower without drying yourself??? Wouldn't both with Stremio App

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