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Vola Sports Closed Down And Changes Name

The Vola Sports app was a very popular apk among sports fans. It gave great live sport streams and many wondered how it was free. Now you will see Vola Sports not working, and here’s why. Vola Sports Closed Down And Changes Name to a brand new Free Live Sports App.

NOTE: When streaming from any third party app it’s recommended to use a VPN!

Vola Sports Not Working

If you are already a user of Vola Sports, you will now notice this prompt when opening the app. We found when trying both links, neither worked and there was also no information about the new app or what it’s called.

Vola Sports Not Working

Vola Sports Changes Name

Vola Sports Closed Down And Changes Name to Sports Live. The App is pretty much identical and everything works just like it did in Vola Sports. So if you find that Vola Sports is not working, this will be the reason.

Vola Sports Closed Down And Changes Name

At the moment we aren’t seeing much content inside the new Sports Live app, but this could be because it’s a brand new release which may need more updates.

Sports Live Says Bye bye..

At the moment when opening on mobile or tablet, you will see the app opens and say Bye Bye. We aren’t sure why this is but could be that it just needs an update, or Sports Live may only be supporting devices such as Firestick and Android TV Boxes. So unfortunately if Vola was an app you used on mobile, it’s still not available at the moment.

It appears this message is now appearing on Firestick and Android TV Boxes also. Hopefully this is because they’re adding more streams to the app. We will know more in the coming days as to what’s actually going off with the app, hopefully it will all be running as normal very soon.

UPDATE: The most upto date version of the app at the moment is version 1.1, and when there is another update we will update this post to keep you informed. The app seems to be saying Bye Bye for everybody right now and we will only know why in the coming days. It’s possible the app isn’t fully ready for launch so we could see streams added more as days go on. Hopefully this is the reason and the App isn’t being taken offline.


NaviXsport is now back up and running. The app is pretty much identical to both Vola Sports & Sports Live, the only difference is NaviXsports actually works! Read post below to find out more and how to install the new working version of NaviXsport.

How To Install Sports Live App

You will find that most Filelinked Stores will have the new app available for download. At the moment we can’t find an official website for Sports Live, so this is the best method. You can install Filelinked from our Downloads Section to any device. You can also find the best Filelinked Stores in our Pin Codes section, all of which will have the Sports Live App inside.

You can also watch the video tutorial below for a full step by step guide of how to install.

Hopefully this video shed some light on the issues you may have been having. Vola Sports Closed Down And Changes Name to Sports Live, the new way to stream Live Sports events!

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