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  1. When UkTVNow switched to TV Tap I didnt need to delete or uninstall the UkTVNow app or apk for TV Tap to work which was months ago, right? Well, today out of the blue, I got a nasty notification message supposedly from UkTVNow saying , "Fuck all you bastards, fuck off" which of course was unexpected for a apk/app that I thought was dead. Have you heard or seen any such with others?

  2. Hi FT, this is 3rd, 4th, maybe 5th time of asking ! Can you please tell me hoe or where to get the Wallpper used in your background ? , thanks FT.

  3. Hi. I found Pudding TV in filelinks. I don't know what User Name or PW to put in to use it. Tried to DM you on Twitter but am new to that, too; couldn't figure it out. PLEASE HELP! Thanks. I am GSD_LVR on Twitter.

  4. Great video, use a vpn especially when using norago, and others that give out your location (top right corner) on the application.

  5. Is there a way to get a refund? My service would have ended Monday but a friend of mine has it for four more months, will they credit him?

  6. New to all this technical stuff. Just a quick question I brought a fully loaded zegema box couple of years ago with 1 years subscription on it. I cancelled my sky subscription because everyone was saying how good it was. To be honest it was absolutely rubbish I could of found better streaming in my phone. So I ended up phoning sky back and tell them not to cancel my subscription. Where do I find a good package or what ever it is and how does it work. Looking for something what matches sky tv quality?

  7. Does anyone know a replacement for vader? I need a service with catchup. I need locals news LA area and fox news on catchup. Baseball on catchup would be nice also. I will mis vaders. They had the best catchup

  8. Sorry.. did not decipher the punch- line to your elephant joke. Gotta to know as it has to be juicy. Thanks mate!

  9. Great job i have a question not related to ur top I i have h96 pro max plus I can't find the mac adress on it I went to setting tried everything possible no luck i put the standby umilator but cant get the mac adress 00:17: etc….. can some one plz help here i spent hrs of searching no luck cant pit iptv program with out mac adress thank you again..??

  10. Hate to say it, but eventually, the big boys are going to get tired of having their content viewed for free. This is a shot across the bow. Let's enjoy it while it lasts.

  11. I have a Android box version A95 xPro but it has an issue with the Ethernet connection, the connection disappears every 5 minutes but the Wifi in the house works fine. what can be the main issue?

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