Use Game Controllers On Firestick / Android Devices | Here's How To Do It

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  1. Hello and happy new year , question can you pair two gamepads at once for 2 player games? I know you can have the fire stick controller and one game paid paired but can you have two game pads paired? I have two controllers on order .

  2. Has anyone run into this problem… I can't get into the Bluetooth menu. Every time I open the Bluetooth menu it backs out right away. I'm on the 4k firestick… I don't really want to reset to factory, but if I have to, oh well. Any words of wisdom?

  3. Hi I have a second gen fire stick and am unable to hook up any of my controllers. I tried my phone and Xbox controller cannot get it to Bluetooth together is it because I need the 4K fire stick? Thanks!

  4. I have thatbsame red and black ebay controller. It will pair with my firestick 4k but when i get into that app your in the "start" and "select" dont work. They only kick me out of the game. Every other button works as it should. I even did as you said and reconfigured the buttons. Still didnt work.

  5. after playing around with it for a while im so happy it worked i just wish i had newer firestick or tv cube so i can have more space i wanna play some of the ps games but super mario and pokemon stadium will do


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