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TVZion Shutdown

We were expecting TVZion to shutdown after moderators of the TVZion support groups were targeted by the anti-piracy company ACE. But what actually happened and why did TVZion Shutdown?

TVZion Shutdown

Earlier this month various different streaming sites/apps were targeted by the anti-piracy company ACE (Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment). ACE are the company you will commonly see taking down third part streaming apps that allow viewers to stream unlicensed content. At the start of the month TVZion were 1 streaming app that was under ACE’s radar.

Now we see that the TVZion app fails to open and is no longer working.

TVZion Shutdown

TVZion Groups Hit with Cease & Desist

At the beginning of September we saw TVZion support groups disappear and nobody quite know why. It then came to light from a Torrent Freak article that the moderators of the group were hit with a Cease & Desist. Meaning they had to remove the groups or they would face legal action against them.

ACE also offered to let the moderators go quietly, but with strings attached!

“Within ten (10) days of the Effective Date [REDACTED] shall transfer the domains,,, and, and all trademarks related to the Infringing Service, to the Rightsholders at no cost, and shall execute whatever documents and take whatever actions are necessary to effect the transfer,” the settlement offer reads.

“Following transfer of the domains, Rightsholders shall have all rights to the domains, including, but not limited to, posting a message of their choosing on the domains.”

So this was the first step we saw to TVZion getting shutdown. But the developer claimed to have no knowledge of ACE targeting the support groups.

TVZion Developer Takes App Offline

So now we see that the TVZion App is no longer working and this is due to the developer taking it down. If you try to visit the official TVZion Website you will be greeted with this message directly from the developer.

TVZion website shutdown message

So the developer claims he/she has shutdown the app to protect the moderators. How true this is we don’t know, but this is a very unselfish move if true. It seems ACE had no way of contacting the developer to serve take down notices and the app could have continued to stay online.

The positive from this is if the developer has chosen to Shutdown TVZion and ACE weren’t involved, this means that users information should be safe. Usually when an app is taken down all domains, logs, user info and more are to be handed over. But it doesn’t seem to be the case this time.

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Will TVZion Be Back

As we know when a streaming app is taken down there are still numerous alternatives and we also see new ones start to pop up. We can’t see TVZion itself coming back, but we could see forks of the app start to appear. That being said, don’t wait for an app similar to TVZion to be released as it may never happen and Let us know your thoughts down below.

To find alternatives you can take a look at our Downloads Section.

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