TV Launcher On Firestick

TV Launcher On Firestick….Many of you have been saying you don’t like the Firestick Look, or you want to make a Firestick kid friendly. Adding a new launcher will give your Firestick a completely new look with multiple ways to customise it to how you like. so here’s how to add TV Launcher On Firestick.

Software needed:


1. Go to settings — my firetv — developer options and ensure both options are enabled

Turn on ADB Debugging

2. Now press back and click About


3. Scroll down to network and remember the IP Address

Firestick IP Address

4. Install the 3 APK’s from the top of this page (ADB Shell, FTVLaunchX & a Launcher)

Available in the Downloads Section

5. Launch Remote ADB shell and enter your Firestick IP Address if different

Enter IP Address in ADB Shell

6. You will see this prompt if this is the first time you are making an ADB connection: Select “Always allow” and click OK

Allow USB Debugging

7. Enter in the following command

pm grant de.codefaktor.ftvlaunchx android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

ADB Command for Firestick

8. Press Run

Note: If you are doing this on a 4K firestick, you can skip the next 2 ADB Commands. However, if you are doing this on the 2nd Gen Fire TV Cube then enter in the following 2 commands

settings put secure enabled_accessibility_services de.codefaktor.ftvlaunchx/de.codefaktor.ftvlaunchx.HomeService

Press enter and the enter in the final ADB command

settings put secure accessibility_enabled 1

2nd Gen Fire TV Commands

9. Press the Home key and launch FTVLaunchX (LaunchX) and click the drop down arrow

LaunchX App

10. You can now select a launcher of your choice

Choose Launcher

When you press the home key , it will activate. You now have the TV Launcher on Firestick.

TV Launcher on Firestick

How to access the Amazon Home Screen

To access the original long-press-on-home menu or to open the settings menu of your Fire TV device, you will have to press and hold the menu button on your remote (three line button) then click the home button while holding the menu button.

You will also see an app on the launcher called Home. This can also be used to access the Amazon Home Screen.

Go to Amazon Home

You now have TV Launcher On Firestick. Giving it a completely new look and also kid friendly.

How to restore the default launcher

Just uninstall FTVLauncherX and press the home key. You will now be in the default Amazon Launcher

Credits: TechDoctorUK was the first 1 I saw showing this method so I must give credit to him. Also credit to Erik, the developer of the LaunchX App.

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