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Top 3 FREE VPN's on Firestick / Android. Easy to install & Easy to use.

Top 3 FREE VPN's on Firestick / Android. Easy to install & Easy to use.

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  1. So Free Tech, since I now have Atom vpn and I'm connected is all systems a go and I can use my kodi freely now?

  2. Hiya duck. Do i have to launch the VPN on startup everytime or is it a case that once its set up its always automatically runs in the back ground? Thanks. Em.

  3. Im just gettin up ,having a brew and am gona try this …ive not messed with vpns before so this is my next project and if successful am going to try doing my pc aswell .

  4. Youknow when u can see the vpns active on ur phone and uv put em in ur apps2fire ?well can i now delete them from my phones screen or will this stop em working?

  5. Ok ive done super vpn and got that mouse thing working ! Atom just froze when i activated it so i gave up on that one

  6. You know the vpn address that appears on google whats my ip? Well what id like to know is theres another on the firestick ok? Well which one is the dodgy one and would it actually be possible to use the address of it to configure my own pc to it as it were?

  7. Hello Mr Yorkie! Ive tried opening Terarium tv and all i get it (play trailer at top right and bottom right a blue install square? Ive not managed to watch anything at all so as you are our technological hero ..can u help us please?

  8. Hi does anyone know if the smart iptv app is free on firestick? I downloaded the app 7 days ago ( assume it was the free trial ) but was told it costs £4 for the proper version? So last night I deleted the app then reinstalled it but not asked me for any payment ? Also do you always keep the same Mac number all the time ?

  9. Thanks for that, you are the only one on YouTube that isn't after commission for using a VPN, congratulations mate. Also a nice simple tutorial.thanks again.

  10. My New York accent confuses yours , but first I'd like to thank you. My question silly as it might be,…We can upload more than one VPN app?

  11. Thank you very very much using atom VPN works great keep up the great videos
    You #1 person to come to you tell it like it is
    If it a koda add-on works or don’t work you tell us thank you again

  12. HELP – I just set up Super VPN using my phone as my Fstick Remote, and now I can't use my phone/remote to control the darn thing…???? It's stuck on the VPN screen and my phone can't connect to it????

  13. Really struggling to click on anything to activate the vpn I’m using the app on my phone can’t find the bloody remote arrrgggggghhhhh

  14. im using android t8v box downloaded atom i selected city then clicked on cloud turns green with check for 2 secs then turns back to grey tried 10 times still same result any help would be great thanks free tech

  15. Thanks for the free vpn info.
    The only add on I've seen to get my local Washington state live tv channels is project cypher.
    Is there any way that something can be added to stremio for my local tv channels? Or a one click APK?

  16. Question, after installing your FREE VPN, how sure are you that you're connected to your installed VPN? Did you try to browse and check your IP address if it was changed or not? How is your internet speed? Fast, cut by half or slow????

  17. Hello…When you have installed a free VPN, you don't have to launch it each time you go to your fire stick? Thanks in advance.

  18. you show the applications but where do u get them from in the first place and how do you get them onto the firestick?? (complete novice btw)

  19. I downloaded Atom VPN. It isn't working can you help? The cloud don't trun green it just stay gray

  20. I could only get atom VPN to work on my tablet. None of these 3 you recommended worked with my fire stick, not sure why.

  21. Good video, and yes I've subscribed, but I tried all 3, definitely forget snap vpn (I went from 151mbps to under 1mbps), super vpn was a little better but only got 4mbps, the only one worth trying is the atom vpn, it works and best speed of the 3, I got 41mbps, one last thing, I ended up using the mouse app on all of them

  22. Hi free tech wonder if u can help!! i have installed atom vpn and tried a few others on my amazon fire tv box problem i have is once i have installed and then try to load my IPTV service it does not load the channels soon as i remove vpn hey presto iptv comes back on when reloaded, would appreciate any advice thanks in advance Clive

  23. Hi mate great tutorial, just came across you whilst searching for a free vpn. I’ve installed the mouse app which works great with other appps but for some reason doesn’t appear when I’m on the atom app I’ve tried a few different techniques to try and click on the cloud but without any success, any ideas hints would be useful, many thanks and keep up the good work. Mike.

  24. I’ve got IP Vanish but recently installed ATOM. I’m worried cos I’m getting brilliant speeds on Atom – 90+Mbps, but with IPV it’s 40+ max. After a while Atom cloud is green but msg says no network. I open IPV, not connected, and it’s saying my IP address is in another country, so appears Atom is connected. Confused?? Help!

  25. Everytime I click the cloud on Atom VPN it comes up with a message saying
    “ Connection request “
    And I cannot click ok on this message

  26. Wow, how your videos have changed over the years coq. You almost sound depressed compared to now hahaha

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