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This Air Mouse is Awesome | Android / Firestick And More

This Air Mouse is Awesome | Android / Firestick And More

I just posted another video on my YouTube Channel. Check it, get involved in the comments, and don’t forget to drop a like, and subscribe for more great content!




  1. You sitter, you recommended the wireless keyboard some months ago. I bought two for me sticks @ approx £5-6 quid, and they work OK. Being a miserable bastard, I'll probably stick wi this. The air mouse does look good though… But maybe cheaper on ebay. Oh yes and the wireless keyboard has the useful light up keys for a short sighted old buggar like me

  2. Thanks FreeTech, great video, product looks fantastic. I'm not sure if you like it though, you maybe need to work on your acting skills ???

  3. Off topic to the amazing looking airmouse. Has anyone here tried a nvidia shield? I hear nothing but people kissing it's backside and talking about how amazing it is. I brought one two years ago and kodi does nothing but buffer and all other apks we use 😉 but yet if I watch the same links on kodi on my sony bravia or firestick 4k they work fine and don't buffer at all. Nvidia convinced me my out of warranty nvidia was faulty so I brought a new one recieved yesterday and have the same problems fresh out the box. Is it just a sh*tty device that gets false hype?

  4. Nice! It is a step up from any remote that comes with the devices these days. I also used the bigger Rii mini shown in yer video here for a year … UNTIL I found the MX3. Get one of those ~ for EACH TV device. (see specs). THIS is the "better" accessory my droids were looking for and, another step UP. WHY? * MOST Apks are adding Voice Search now … The MX3 has that. The others do not. Here's a few more features: The air mouse is FAST. 5x Learning, Numbers, Mic, Skip2NextSong and Search keys on front, Front & Back Backlit w/On/Off Key+ Querty Keyboard.
    Search: "MX3 Air Mouse Smart Voice Remote Control Backlit MX3 Pro 2.4G Wireless Keyboard IR Learning For Android Box T9 H96 Max X96 mini" (*VONTAR Brand* English), on AliExpress . com ~ (Disposable at that price) … * NOTE: Don't get the MX3-L ~ It's the WRONG one. < THIS!
    Get some extra Lithium Ion AAA rechargeable batteries to keep handy from Wish . com ~ (16 for around $10).~ I'll never use anything else with my droids. 🙂 (unless they make a blue-tooth version of the same thing)

  5. Love to get the product, however when I looked at the web site to order, it stated that it does not work on Samsung or LG Smart tv's.

  6. You could be in those Aldi adverts. "I like that one. But I also like this one"

    Cheers for the review. I'll be picking one up, but not to eat!

  7. I have this, I have a Samsung smart remote too, the back button being incomparable with some apps is annoying but it is what it is. Samsung does it better but hey its a working air mouse remote, Netflix works now lol

  8. I've been using one almost the same for years I got with an old Mx box. They are very good and good for firestick as they have a volume button. Cheap as chips marra… Crack on

  9. Very nice. The keyboard feature makes it worth a go. Priced well enough now. Some of those things are way too expensive. Makes no sense to spend 50 bucks on box but still have to spend 30 for a remote when wireless keyboards are cheap.

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