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The Latest Apk Updates | Which Are The Best ? | 24/01/2019 |

The Latest Apk Updates | Which Are The Best ? | 24/01/2019 |

I just posted another video on my YouTube Channel. Check it, get involved in the comments, and don’t forget to drop a like, and subscribe for more great content!

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  1. Hi .. free tech how to download prime video on mecool ms 8 w android tv box 7.1 , I tried so many amazon prime video but it’s not working wen I play the there any other way to watch it..thanks

  2. Great content as usual,quick question.when updating apk do I need to uninstall the old one first?
    And if so is there a way of keeping the favourites? Or will I need to select them all again?cheers sir.

  3. Thank you mukka, cyberflix is really amazing with a real debrid account, thanks for recommending that, been using turbo VPN had no trouble what's so ever. P.s what do you call a woman with a tortoise on her head? ……..Shelly ??? keep up the amazing work ?

  4. Hi I got cable guy subscription and payed via Amazon pay.. Do they send log-in details to email.. Or address? Lol as I live in another country now haha… Might be a stupid question but I didn't receive any emails yet. Thanks.. Your vids have helped me so much.

  5. He's right Tea TV works excellent w/ ur PC. I put it on a desktop running windows 10 & it plays crystal clear!?? I had no buffing problems @ all!!!?

  6. Cinema hd failed after updating, I tried uninstalling the re installing but received error msg,
    Then found cinemaapk.apk free it said but would not install the file at all

    Any one else having this problem
    Any recommendations on what's up with the app?

  7. Nice video mate I have only just come across your channel! As you said in your video you make me smile. Keep up the good work mate I personally use Kodi with Real Debrid and Trakt. I have my own collection of films and tv shows which I stream around the house to various fire sticks. Bit each to their own I can certainly see why people prefer these Apks they are definitely easier to use from the get go. I generally help friends and family with their devices so it's good to keep up-to-date the the latest and best app. Just hit subscribe. Thanks again!

  8. Hey bro, can I get real debrid apk for free are is it paid subscription? I personally watch Cyber flix mainly but I keep hearing it works alot better linked to real debrid !! Thanks bro ? and keep up the great tech vids u definitely the best YouTube channel for this kind of stuff ?

  9. Hi Free Tech with your help managed to to download File-linked to my old tablet android 7.1. Guess what it worked. How well I type in your website in my browser and then download File-linked from there. Very surprise it worked. So if a 65yrs old man can do it. Why can't someone younger who should have the know how.

  10. Hey freetech I have MX player and VLC but when I go to change it on OLA TV it keeps saying install. Am still trying to find settings for OLA. Also what going on with FreeFlix HQ Live TV is not playing I have been enjoying it.

  11. Hello Freetech it still do not let MX play in OLA TV. Am not sure what going on with Freeflix HQ. Everytime I try to go to another play in OLA TV it come up and say it not install when it is, so Amazon will not let you install it say unavailable. You are so funny with speaking with English accent

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