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THE LATEST APK UPDATES | CINEMA HD NOT WORKING ? Find out everything here (2/2/2019)

THE LATEST APK UPDATES | CINEMA HD NOT WORKING ? Find out everything here (2/2/2019)

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  1. I do like individual files APK's when loading onto our Android TV so the addition of APK's would be appreciated. Graham in Lincoln.

  2. SWAP: Joke for some help!! What do you call a deer with no penis or eyes? No F**** eye deer. Trying to find Murphy's Law with James Nesbitt on an APK the actually works? Any idea's?

  3. Great video again. Trying to register with your website but don't get activation email? Tried with 2 different emails and no joy.

  4. Well done again sir just bought 4k fire stick tried to download shoebox but no probs I just downloaded from Aptoide TV

  5. ciñèma hď works everytime ferme & unlike çyberflix aftèr eàch updáte
    cinema hď dusnt ĺoose my favourite boxsets i saved
    respect biģ lad for videò

  6. This is probably a stupid question (I'm not a tech head) do they update automatically or do you have to re- install them

  7. Most up to date and honest YouTuber and best sense of humour Drum roll goes to freetech the main man love your channel mate respect to you Liverpool YNWA LFC

  8. Thanks..Can you please set up so APKs can be downloaded direct from your website instead of via filelinke.
    Ta if you could ?

  9. That's why it's easier to use downloader rather than filelinked to get your stuff, cause your informed of the update when you open the app. Also you can update from within the app itself rather than look for a updated version on filelinked.

  10. In all honesty, I never bothered with Cinema HD..I usually had trouble with it not usually just got rid of it anyway:)….This update looks good though so may be havin' a punt on it again….

  11. Be wary of Knight tv , i paid for 12 month iptv , reasonably happy with the service, but i also paid for 12 month Netflix, never received it and ignoring all my emails .

  12. Hi can you add happy chicken retro games back on file linked please my boyfriend want to install it..and i am unable to share it via facebook messenger

  13. Dear Mr. Martin,
    Firstly, thank you so much for all your assistance. I find your videos so useful. I was wondering though if you could create a montage video of all your jokes? They are delightful. Mostly because of your delivery and contagious laugh. Thank you so much. ?

  14. why is it that when I go to watch a movie or a tv series from the 80's down on cyberflix it will NOT let me watch them?

  15. Dear Knight and brother. Always love the jokes ,test them on me wife likes them mostly!! Been trying to stream this movie with the lovely Nicole Kidman Destroyer not working , what can I do ????? The videos are helpful and you my brother are a gem!!! Blessings be.jack , kt.kt Templars of Britannia

  16. Hi, Lad, you said you would like to know if any one had been charged with down loading, in to days news here in Canada the # of 3400 have been charged. the women on the news. says she never down loaded but her kids and there friends. come over ?

  17. Warning: If you got less than 1 GB left on your Firestick Storage and you stream a movie over 1.50 GB it will stop and give you a warning that you dont have enough storage to play the rest of the movie.
    Anybody have that issue?

  18. Hi Free Tech always love your info, i'm having a problem downloading filelinked, was installed and working fine, however when it loads now before entering code it's giving me a "exception on web client" error, no internet connection. I've uninstalled filelinked and tried to reinstall latest version and it will not allow me to

  19. Hi my cinema had looks to work fine but never finds streams or has play button load at top. Internet not sow.. any idea why?

  20. Anyone know how to fix the volume? I have it all the way up on my tv and the sound is not that high, it's like that only on cinema apk, any help is appreciated

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