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The BEST Web Browser For Android / Firestick — A Users Best Friend

The BEST Web Browser For Android / Firestick — A Users Best Friend

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  1. I use Amaze Browser pretty much as an alternative to some of the streaming apk's. It lets you grab video sources from websites and play them in any player you have installed, plus it has a built in blocker. Maybe you could do a review for those guys who aren't aware of it. Cheers and keep up the good work.

  2. I have a BT sports account to watch live football, however I am only able to view BT sports on my windows Laptop using Firefox, I have tried my amazon fire 7" tablet with silk browser and Sony 4 k smart android Tv again using both Firefox and Sony own Browser but unable to play BTsport Matches even having sign in etc. Will BTsports work on PuffinTv browser installed on my Fire 4k Stick?

  3. Nice video mate been using Puffin browser on my Nvidia Shield for a while now and to be honest it does what I want it to. On my Fire Sticks I do normally just stick to Downloader. I never really thought of using Puffin on my Fire Sticks good call. I like that you can do a search with Puffin whereas with downloader you need a URL. I do like Chrome I just can't be arsed to put it on either device lol!

  4. Hi Adam
    I have an android box and I keep getting messages that Google Play has stoped then google chrome and it goes on and on for all google sites. Question – Do I need Google at all?

  5. On my fire tv boxes puffin browser home page looks like yours which I really like however on my t95Q box it's totally different. Setting and accessing bookmarks is not as easy. Do u know why and if so can u show me how to charge home page on my t95Q box so that it looks like yours. Thanks

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  7. I started using a modded version of VIA browser… Its the fastest I have tried.. I use it on my tablet and rarely on my phone..dont really use a browser on my android box… Great video as usual mate ?

  8. Hi, using this on an andriod box, is there anyway I can save pictures from the Web using puffin, so that they go into my gallery and then use them as a background, thank you ? ?

  9. This would be the best browser, I would love to use this browser so I still have a working mouse cursor while my rii i8+ remote is charging every 2 weeks or so but as an avid APK user I am constantly using virustotal to make sure APK is I want to use are safe to install before installing them and virustotal website crashes puffin browser.

    Puffin browser also will not let me go to my emby server either. These are two of my main browser uses on my Nvidia Shield. I have the browser installed and occasionally check in to see if updates have made it better or more compatible with things I need to use it for but so far it has not so I still use brave ajd firefox on my nvdia shield.

    I still think this browser has a long way to go as far as being compatible with sites and services people use it for. It crashes with virustotal and this is unacceptable so maybe one day I can enjoy using this browser but for now it's still not as good as Firefox or brave is on the Nvidia Shield.

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