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The Best VPN For $5

When browsing the internet visiting non secured websites, using public WiFi, using third party Apps and much more. A vpn has become almost essential to keep your information hidden online and to stop unwanted eyes seeing your activity. Now, in a one off deal, you can get The Best VPN For $5 per month for life. No upfront payment for years of service, simply $5pm and a lifetime offer!

Why Is This A Good Deal

For 1 month you have the opportunity to get the best vpn for $5pm for life! No upfront payments for 3 years service, just a straight $5. If you use a different currency, simply convert $5 to your currency and that’s the price.

We see special offers on vpn’s constantly, but this 1 is a little different. Most of the time you have to pay upfront for 1 year upto 5 years. Obviously the longer the plan the more discount you will receive. Now IPVanish, for the first time are offering a discount on their monthly plan which you don’t often see and they also said this is probably a 1 off. So you pay monthly with no upfront payment and it stays at $5 for life. This is a great deal and if you are looking for a vpn, a great time to get it.

Lifetime IPVanish for $5/month – NO UPFRONT PAYMENT

The Best VPN For $5

Why This VPN

Why is IPVanish the Best VPN for $5

IPVanish is a vpn I have used ever since I started streaming. There are many other services out there, but this is the 1 which has always performed the best and given the best speeds.

Reviewing vpn’s, third party apps, websites etc, is something I’ve been doing for a few years now and you get to see which are worth having. Using a vpn it is common to lose internet speeds, but some will slow it down much more than others. I’m happy to say that you won’t be disappointed using IPVanish.

You will get access to region locked content, such as if you are in Europe you can connect to a USA server and gain access to multiple Apps like Tubi TV, Vudu, Live TV & More.

They also have a zero log policy which will give you peace of mind that once you are done streaming, nothing is logged for anybody to see your online activity.

Lastly, you can see purely from the amount of online influencers that recommend IPVanish, that it is possibly the best. Yes everybody recommending a vpn online gets a commission, and you actually get a better deal using the links provided. But there are many vpn’s out there that could be recommended and IPVanish is more than likely the 1 recommended the most.

By purchasing from the links included in this post you will get better deals plus you will support us here. Anybody who decides to buy through our links…..You’re an absolute legend!

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