terrarium tv battle Official

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  1. Cinema HD over the last few weeks has been slow and not finding links ( via real debrids) so it’s been cyber as my next go to. I try and only use one or 2 apps for movies and tv shows anyway.

  2. Adam, ive notice cybeflix started buffering too. But only the 1080 links. I switched to 720s they worked ok. Also use teatv as my backup. Up to last update has been flawless but exact same problem. On 35mb fibre, router only 2m from firestick so I wonder what the issue is. Would it be worth sticking the older versions back up on filelinked? Give ppl the option. Useful vid as always. Tara.??

  3. Hi Adam, the real test for links available is for a very recent (2019) film. Cinema HD seems to have the least links recently. Coto is currently very good : Stan and Olly, Alita both good quality.

  4. Dream tv has real debrid click on 3 dots ir right top corner next to search and year category there you can go into settings and login into trackt and debrid as well as change your other settings

  5. Love ur videos im new to this apks and such and im wondering if there's something I can do to better my resolution because I feel everything I watch is about 720hd and not 1080

  6. I mainly use cyberflix but have recently had buffering even on realdebrid ! Never had that before. I will try the others out to compare. Don't stop the hyper cus its daft we like a bit of daft in the world.


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