TANIX TX6 Android Box Review | Budget Android Box 2019

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  1. Ye gets what ye pays for…We all prolly have a budget to stick to,so if this is all you can afford..It looks ok to me .

  2. Another fine mess you made of that, not really another good video and you must get some good stuff from Banggood, I buy some of their stuff watches and the like. Keep up the good work Adam.

  3. Awesome review brother ADAM. Much appreciated. Nice box. Keep the reviews coming. Hope you have an awesome weekend brother. Much love

  4. Where is your affiliate link for Amazon's best android box. The one you use lol. Trying to help you capitalize brother

  5. My best advice to anyone thinking of buying an android box would be dont go cheap…..your going to use the box a lot so dig deep in your pocket and buy a descent one like i did ?

  6. I bought a box on Ebay SM1 i kinda think its fake and its veeeery slow and suposed to be a quadcore lol. My advice stay away from ebay regarding to android boxes

  7. Love it where do you come up with these jokes
    .is thus enough for the computer or you it Italian wine lol


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