T11 Mini PC | An Honest Review

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  1. Don't forget to check out my other videos on android box reviews.
    Also looking forward to the Nvidia shield and GT-King reviews when I'm home.
    I hope you are well and having a great weekend ?

  2. Nice to see your back (Bet your wife said that to you each night ha ha lucky man) Hope you had a good holiday and not toomuch ouzo????

  3. Shit that was a fast holiday what happened got mugged by a gay Greek boy or lost the key to your wallet or over spent £50 .Didn't even get a tan good to see you back mate .

  4. my laptop old but bluestakes works just fine on it but i do have Double the ram but it's still only an old i5 processor

  5. 4gb is way to small og ram 8gb is preferred. Would love it if they make update with 16gb and intel i7 or i5 in this size.

  6. I'm not sure about anyone else raspberry pi is the best on the market it is much more than a mini PC it's a retro gaming console, PC,kodi,it runs with arm but if you Google raspberry pi projects there are loads and all you need to do is save an image to micro sd and you can have numerous images and all you need to do is change sd cards over for different images pi 4 b is the latest just being released this week you really need to check this out.

  7. Dont you just hate it when you get super excited over a product and it turns out to be Dogshit…Ha Ha.. Great to see you Back hows the printing going..???

  8. Awesome review brother ADAM. Much appreciated. Hope your enjoying your holiday. Keep the content coming. Hope you have an awesome weekend brother. Love ya

  9. Since getting an Intel NUC I've moved away from streaming altogether. I've installed Openmediavault and download Movies and TV automatically via NZB files, Sonarr and Radarr which automatically download files for me when they are released. NZB is secure as well so no need for VPN. I still use Android to view back the files in Emby or Plex.

  10. Hey man love the chanel very well put together. I was wondering if anyone here knew about mexican chanels on firestick?

  11. I had a question, do you think there’s a way I can adjust my volume when I’m using my airpods on my fire stick? I can’t a way to lower down the volume at all and I have the original Fire stick:(

  12. It's a bit shit lol If you have a new samsung galaxy ( s8 onwards) get a hdmi to type c adapter and use DeX as it's a game changer and the most overlooked thing on a galaxy device! Its awesome and with my Note 9 it's faster than my 2018 i5 laptop! Easy add a keyboard and mouse via bluetooth and you have the best desktop for around £8 for the adaptors ( it's a hdmi to type c box or you could buy a dex station for around £20-£30

  13. Maybe in the near future like they've done with the Nvidia Shield we quite possibly might see gaming Mini PC devices that would be really cool they need to have a built-in terabyte and SSD with more USB slots as well


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