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Some Apps Are Pointless!

This is my latest video from the Free Tech YouTube Channel, this video is Some Apps Are Pointless!.

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Some Apps Are Pointless!

Some Apps Are Pointless! Description and Links

You will see a lot of apps recommended by YouTubers, but not all of them are worth using. Closing background apps will make your Firestick run much faster, But only by using Apps that work! BECOME A MEMBER To Support The Channel – Follow this link to join – ****** RECOMMENDED VPNs ****** IPVanish (upto 57% OFF) : QUAD VPN (upto 55%OFF) : IVACY VPN : Express VPN : Nord VPN (upto 75% OFF) : Hidden Vpn Router : ****** SOCIAL LINKS ****** FACEBOOK – TWITTER – SECOND YOUTUBE CHANNEL – DISCORD – Website – Email – [email protected] ****** RECOMMENDED ANDROID TV BOXES ****** NVIDIA SHIELD – AMAZON FIRESTICK 4K – MECOOL KM3 – MECOOL KM9 – BEELINK GT KING – H96 MINI BLUE – H96 MAX – H96 MAX X2 – T95Q – ****** AMAZON LINKS ****** 30 DAY PRIME MUSIC TRIAL – 30 DAY PRIME VIDEO TRIAL – 30 DAY PRIME TRIAL – ****** TO MAKE A DONATION ****** Visit Here – ————————————————————————————————————- Intro Music : Alex Skrindo & Miza – Thinkin’ [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: Track: Coopex – Over The Sun [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: Free Download / Stream: *************************************************** Disclaimer : We do not host or own any content. Videos are educational purposes only. Streaming laws vary depending on your location, please check and understand your local laws to avoid any offence. Free Tech holds no responsibility for any legal issues, technical issues or damages during any flashing. You follow our tutorials at your own risk. ***************************************************
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  1. A lot of apps are recommended to improve your devices performance. But some that are recommended don't actually do the job they are intended to do. Hopefully this will help you to get a useful app that works πŸ˜‚

  2. I keep getting a pop-up asking me to remove apps , to free up space . I was wondering if there is way I can permanently uninstall some of the Amazon apps that tend to take up a lot space like, Experience Picker, Alexa Shopping, Amazon Free Time, Gloria, Aria, Amazon Photos e.t.c . It is saying I am currently I have used up 95% memory space , but once I use the ES File Explorer Manager to uninstall these apps, it goes down to about 75%, only for the apps and pop-up message to reappear a day or 2 later. By the way, installing these apps doesn't negatively affect anything.

  3. I've done task manager exactly as you did apart from I trusted the apps were no longer running. I've put it on a couple of firesticks but I'll put on the one you suggested in future thanks.

  4. Well talk about useless its all useless why download that app when you can do it all without downloading anything you must be board big man let's get back to reality do sensibility videos you old cogder lol go get a hair cut goldielocks ….

  5. Hi there, really enjoy your video, can u tell me can I get the Irish tv players on the firestick . Rte player and virgin media player… Thank u

  6. Imdb TV was recently added on the 4k fire stick UK version an I can't get Rid off it. Just ant fair when it eats up space unessesary

  7. i went to the doctors and told him , one day i feel like a wigwam the next i feel like a teepee, the doctor says its nothing to worry about , your just two tents, geddit? i`ll get my coat!!

  8. Hi mate on the fire cube it doesn't show the app when you search for it? But if I download developer tools menu and try from there I can find it but it says unavailable?

  9. rather than having an app to force stop all the apps i just restart the firestick occasionally. i think this amounts to the same result.

  10. Haircut? Let's see what you come up with. I enjoy your videos. Your demeanor and sense of humor are genuine. You always make me smile if not downright laugh. Kudos!

  11. Android OS is getting worse each iteration. It's the most locked down OS by now and workarounds to get really basic things like browsing done is getting more tedious as time progresses.
    It is much easier to just turn to good old torrenting and use a PC for anything else.

  12. I went for a prostate exam . I ask the Dr. where to put my pants after taking them off. I wasn't expecting his answer to be over by mine πŸ˜›

  13. I use this myself on nvidia shield and works great thanks for showing me this actually I being using this a while now you show it a while back now

  14. Since I've been subscribed the amount of information I've learnt from yourself about my 4k firestick is priceless mate… im even learning a bit about golf to πŸ˜‚… keep up the good work mate πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  15. Hi or eh up I use easy fire tools you install it on your tablet and you can sideload kill apps it's cooler than by danglers in my new bamboo boxers how about a vid on how to uninstall apps like imdb on firestick c'mon r kid you know you want to

  16. Downloaded an app that tech doctor recommended to stop apps running in the background but don't think it's working , I check list to stop all apps but when I close the app and then go back on it every app is running again

  17. My girlfriend is like task manager, I try to get her to do tasks and nothing happens. I soon realised that the tasks were for me and she was the manager LoL :oP

  18. Great video but the background apps and processes is unavailable for the fire cube in the UK! Works on my 4k firestick great though.πŸ‘

  19. When I was a young lad we were so poor my parents had to buy my clothes from the local army and navy store. It was no fun going school dressed as a β€˜Japanese general’ I can tell you

  20. You forgot the refresh button. When you force stop the first app, refresh it and it goes away. When you download any apps. Hit the system/user and hit it back it will register the app or apps you just downloaded.

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