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Solex TV Is Back!

One of the fastest streaming Apps we’ve seen. Solex TV Is Back with it’s 3.1.2 update.

We recently saw Solex TV closed down due to copyright notices and pressure from anti piracy companies. The Solex TV App didn’t look likely it would ever return, but now to our surprise Solex TV is back.

The app was down for less than 24 hours before we saw updates that gave access to a once again working Solex Apk. Although it all seems good and everything is fixed, we wonder how the app has come back so fast after pressure the developer was concerned about.

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Checking the Settings in the Solex TV update, we find that the donations link has been disabled. One reason a developer can be punished for creating such app, is if they are benefiting financially from broadcasting unlicensed streams. So it’s possible that the reason for the takedown was because of donations, although highly unlikely.

Another reason could be it’s back online and collecting user data. This is also pretty unlikely, but is also a possibility. So make sure you stay hidden online by using a vpn. You can find a bunch of free vpn’s in our Downloads Section. Alternatively we recommend getting a well known vpn which doesn’t keep logs. GET 73% OFF OUR RECOMMENDED VPN HERE!

Enough of the negatives, lets tell you why Solex TV could be one of the best free streaming apps out there!

What Makes Solex TV Different

Solex TV Apk

We can see from testing various different streaming apps that they all use the same sort of search features. They also seem to find the same kind of links. But Solex TV is different, in a good way.

Solex TV is a one click movie app, which means you simply click the picture of the movie you want to watch and it will play. None of this waiting for the app to find links then click on various different links to find the best one.

We dare say that Solex TV could be the closest alternative to Showbox. The layout is simple and similar, it’s instant play and the quality is better than some of the Real Debrid stuff we’ve found. But be aware this app only has movies and it’s very limited on the amount of content it has.

The biggest positive and what makes this app so good, is it seems Solex TV hosts it’s own movies. This means you’re not connecting to a server which numerous apps are using which can cause buffering and poor quality streams. This is as though the Solex TV developer has uploaded each movie individually to the server, making it so much better than other apps. As mentioned above, the biggest downfall is the amount of content. Because the content is being added to the server manually, it takes time to build a library.

Best Movie App 2019?

If Solex TV has the movie you want to watch, then you wont be disappointed. Load times are almost instant with awesome picture quality and practically buffer free. The app doesn’t support Real Debrid, but you really don’t need it. The streams on this app are just as good if not better.

The downfall is as we said about the amount of content. But each stream is used by Solex TV users only, making the servers super fast. The other negative is the fact it was taken down and re-appeared so quickly. Solex TV themselves told us it was due to copyright issues, so how can the app be working again the next day?





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