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Solex TV Closed Down Due To Legal Issues

Solex TV was one of the latest upcoming apps which contained the latest Movies. But now Solex TV closed down due to legal issues.

Another Streaming App Shutdown Because Of Copyright

As we state time after time we never know what rights these third party apps have to distribute streaming content to you. But once again it looks like another app which didn’t have the licenses it needed. Solex TV has been closed down due to legal issues and Copyright notices on their server.

Solex TV was an app which was updated more than any other, and allowed access to the latest movies. It had a similar look to Showbox and was one click making it super easy to use.

There are numerous other apps which do the same as Solex TV but we are seeing them disappear faster than they are appearing. It looks like legal authorities are starting to get on top of illegal streaming, and could soon take down almost all streaming apps.

We know streaming will always be available, but only for the developers who are going to risk creating these apps. You never know we could see developers start to back off now with all the copyright hits developers are getting.

Solex TV 3.0.1

Solex TV Shutdown

As you can see above this is now what message users are receiving when opening the Solex TV app. Although we do see apps comeback after a short while, it doesn’t look like this one will be back.

There are others you can try from APK Time, Filelinked and Aptoide TV, all available in our Downloads Section. You can also find a list of Filelinked Codes here.

But once again we don’t know what permissions these third party apps have. So make sure to check the policies inside the apps you’re using. Another thing is make sure you’re using a vpn. Check out these awesome Black Friday Deals Here!

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