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I just posted another video on my YouTube Channel. Check it, get involved in the comments, and don’t forget to drop a like, and subscribe for more great content!

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  1. Im glad you keep me informed, I wudnt know shit without you! Theres always bellends who will throw hate online, how the fuck are they gonna find out about anything if no1 talks about anything? Silly bastards everywhere ????

  2. all i can say is well done tech tell them all go fuck them selths hahah like your the only one that talk a bout apks to help ppl out fuck them all wait ill tell them for u all u haters of tech do me a favor and GO FUCK YOUR SELTH ????

  3. First rule of the internet.its full of cowardly wankers,
    Second rule,it's full of cowardly wankers lol.
    But thanks to YouTube I read one of the funniest comments I have ever seen,it was Garry Glitter video and someone commented, " Gary Glitter,great at writing catchy pop songs,shit at babysitting"?????????

  4. Ok, I don't want to comment with a comment that someone commented and I tought was funny, so instead I would comment about a comment I once posted, commenting the comment of someone that commented about commenting other people's comments. Are you OK with this?

  5. Too many new IPTV apk's only lasting a couple of weeks. So why bother in the first place, if you ain't going to maintain the upkeep?

  6. ?I would be the same big man if it wasn’t for you a wouldn’t no ShowBox was shut down just sitting watching some supergirl ? and my tablet lights up with your upload I pause supergirl even sky I never watch live tv apart from football ⚽️ sports etc Hate adverts make me go out at 1am fir a bloody Big Mac So they work So record I don’t see them ? But Oh My God Has Shoe ? Box ??Been shut down Wouldn’t have known if not for you. And pablo Pavlov ??‍♂️witever is Saying it’s because you let me no Basically. Right up to date now ????Shoebox keep it on the QT?don’t tell your friends ? needs to be covert then we can have it all to ourselves and not even subscribe Which brings me to the Bell ends Love it ? You ever paid any money for what this man has done or any other APK or think these guys spend hours to help us watch the finest and latest tv for free. Anyway you no what we say even the Bell ends LETS CRACK ON and get that spliff lit ? up dude even you Pablo ☺️

  7. I don't tell anyone about showbox… Sorry lol ? people always bang on about Netflix and I'm like why pay when you can use showbox…

  8. Your face looks crazy bubbles BiG TECH. Okay bro lol ????
    First guy sounds stupid everyone has opinion why can't Free Tech talk about it Stupid lol. Because we all love you speak the truth and we learn its our community. Leave him alone go watch some things else.

  9. Anybody interested in the new Destiny addon youl find it at the eggman repo, such a breath of fresh air, its so original, needs some work but well worth a dl ✌???

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