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Showbox Update Not Working With Lime Player & Casting? | Here's What You Can Do

Showbox Update Not Working With Lime Player & Casting? | Here's What You Can Do

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  1. Showbox hasn't stopped working for everybody. This video is for the people who can't get it to work or are no longer able to cast. I also recommend trying Cinema HD, Cyberflix, Bee TV and Morph TV.
    Thank you for your love and support. Keep cracking on

  2. Showbox is done they always made it long to cast in the first place by making you go through AllCast instead of the video like most other apps and now they took it out completely.

  3. I guess my only problem would be that I cant seem to find out how to download showbox. Can anyone help provide a link?

  4. Like I accidentally deleted the app because I wanted to downgrade because I honestly think this new version sucks ass but every time I keep downloading it and installing it, when I open the app it says "unfortunetly showbox has stopped" so I mean screw it I just want this app back can anybody help with a working link?

  5. Showbox fans = dumb users.if they can't adapt to what the new current best stuff is then leave them in the dust. Don't even respond to the questions about Showbox at this point. It's not worth anyone's time.

  6. Your missus goes out drinking late at night?? Ut oh, poor guy, she's probably fooling around man. Kenny Rodgers song Ruby comes to mind. Lol. Hopefully that was just a for instance and not your for instance. Keep the good info on apps coming man. I don't think any significant amount of viewers would mind if you stopped doing videos on Showbox at this point. If people can't figure it out for themselves then the heck with them, they were probably too dumb to be streaming with these apps in the first place if the only thing they know or care about is Showbox.

  7. Update is shite.. wont cast to my roku.. gone back to previous version, but anyone know of a decent alternative to showbox with similar interface?

  8. Yo.. ya yorkshire PUDDING…
    showbox is now working…just delete original and update to June version…
    All the best from craigy the Lancashire HOTPOT in sunny Oldham…

  9. I was just wondering if by any chance do you know of any site that I can download any english soccer games (Not to watch but download) please

  10. Missing showbox so much ,i have tried to download other apps that have been suggested but to know avail,im not pc savvy and use a HP Tablet for watching movies and shows any suggestions as to what i can do ?

  11. Why is it that 1. every other tine showbox sends an update, there is some big fuck up and 2. People love declaring showbox dead?

  12. Is there a way to do this on roku or just fire tv stick? Have been using showbox with all screen ro cast showbox from phone to tv to watch and it stopped after the showbox update.

  13. Tried but download corrupt. Can't use new version either as Lime player says it "isn't compatible with TV" on Amazon firestick 4k

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