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SHOWBOX NOT WORKING. What’s Happening With The Showbox App?

The Best App for Movies and TV Shows is experiencing problems which is frustrating users. But this doesn’t mean it’s the end. Let’s see why Showbox Not Working. What’s happening with Showbox?

Why Is Showbox Not Working

Showbox is the most popular streaming app with Android users. An app which allows you to access free streams for Movies & TV Shows. But recently we have seen the app stop connecting to the server and now it’s stopped loading the home page. Why is Showbox not working and when will it be back?

Showbox Not Working

One thing to note is that if you are getting Error, no internet connection on Showbox it’s not only you. This is happening for everybody. I saw a lot of questions asking what was wrong with their internet connection, and that is the error everybody gets.

The Showbox App go through some rough times as of late, but it always seems to come back online. We saw the takedown of Openload & Streamango which is more than likely the issue the Showbox Server faced. We have news that Showbox is moving it’s servers which could indicate the app being down completely at the moment.

Will Showbox Be Back?

Nobody knows 100% if we will see the return of Showbox, but it’s highly likely it will be back before long. But it’s recommended to find a different source to watch your favorite content. Although Showbox has been awesome and reliable for so many Android users, it’s just experiencing too many issues with downtimes. Is it temporary Showbox Not Working?

What We Suggest

We recommend you look through the dozens of similar streaming apps and find one you like. Many are experiencing issues after the Openload and Streamango incident, but they give you multiple links to choose from. Showbox is restricting to one link which means you don’t get that choice.

For Apps like Showbox which are one click you can try Solex TV which has a very similar look, but it’s very limited on the amount of content. You can also try numerous other apps and in the settings enable the auto-play feature. This auto selects the best stream found so you don’t get the overwhelming list of links to choose from. Black Panther and Bee TV are 2 great options for this.

Missing Features

Showbox App

There are some features that users will miss with Showbox, such as Casting, One Click, Series Updates etc. Some of the other apps do have these features but it maybe a case of hunting for the right app for you. When streaming Movies & TV Shows for free we were spoiled with Showbox, and now it maybe a case of having to take a hit on a couple of the features. Showbox not working has really affected Android Users.

How To Install Showbox Alternatives

The install process is simple, but you may need to use different downloaders when it comes to Firestick/Fire TV devices. We will start with the Firestick Guide below and Android Boxes/Phones after.

Install Movie Apps On Firestick

NOTE: You can also try installing APK Time and Aptoide TV from the Downloads section!

Install Movie Apps On Android

  • Install Puffin TV from our Downloads Section or the Google Play Store
  • Type in the following URL : https://letscrackon.org/downloads/ (or just search letscrackon)
  • scroll down to Filelinked and click it
  • Now click Download
  • Once it finishes downloading you can go back to Puffin TV Home
  • Down to Downlads on the left tab and find the Filelinked install file
  • Install Filelinked and open
  • Enter the a Filelinked Code : FIND FILELINKED CODES HERE!
  • Now you can install install various different Apps from a Filelinked Store

NOTE: You can also try installing APK Time and Aptoide TV from the Downloads section!

NOTE: When installing on all other android devices any web browser can be used. Such as Google Chrome or Firefox. We just used Puffin TV as an example.

Important Notice

We do not know what permissions or licenses this App has to distribute the content which it does. It’s worth checking the terms and policies in the app, and also checking the laws on streaming in your region. We do not condone any form of piracy or streaming of content you don’t own.



A VPN Is Recommended For Streaming

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It’s recommended to use a vpn when streaming for various reasons. One been that a lot of Apps may be unofficial and third party. So a vpn is a good call to make sure you stay hidden online to stop personal data being collected. Another positive is your ISP (internet service provider) can block links and servers from your address. A vpn will bypass any ISP blocks.

We have a list of Free vpn’s you can try in our Downloads Section, or you can watch the latest video on YouTube : WATCH HERE

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