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Showbox Is Back?

A lot of news floating around saying that Showbox is back in 2020. But this is something you should take with extreme caution. Let’s see the evidence that Showbox is back?

First of all if you’ve heard or are wondering if Showbox is back? We warn you not to install anything or use the website they are advertising. It seems the Showbox App name has now turned into a way for people to scam users and if Showbox was to come back, we would be 1 of the first to let you know.

I have done a video that may better explain the findings when it comes to this subject which I’ll leave a little further down the post. This will really answer the statement that Showbox is back!

Showbox is Back?

I’ve received a lot of messages the last few days telling me that Showbox is back, so I took a look into it and was shocked from what I found. There are now accounts posing as the Official Showbox App as a way to scam users from a popular name.

Fake Showbox Twitter

So there are a few accounts floating around claiming to be Showbox when in actual fact there is only 1. But because of the takedown of the App people are believing that they setup a new account due to the recent drama. But let me just tell you that they didn’t!

Here is a Tweet from the Fake Showbox account claiming Showbox is back.


As you can see from the Account which posted this statement, there’s no obvious indication that the account is fake. The Official Showbox Twitter is @RealShowBox whereas the Fake account is @RealShowBoxApp. They are advertising a new website telling users that Showbox is back and showing the website working and playing content.

Here is a Tweet from the real Showbox account warning users about the fake account releasing posts about the new update.


So you can see that the new account is fake and that the App is still down and not working.

Showbox.space Website

So this is the website the scammers are urging people to use and I need to tell you, please ‘DO NOT‘ use it. Showbox.space is a website which is bloated with ads, but not the nice kind of ads we are use to seeing form Google. In the video below it will show an example of what kind of malicious ads they are showing.

1 example was sent in from a user who was almost caught out by 1 of these awful ads. It flooded the browser which locked up the screen then prompted a download file titled ‘Your PC is locked’. It appeared the whole pc was locked when in actual fact it was only the browser, so a simple force stop via the task manage (ctrl/alt/del) cancels all of this. It was also requesting permission to download multiple files inside the web browser. Although many of you may already know this, I dread to think how many may have been caught out by this also. So what could have happened if the file was downloaded?

We aren’t 100% sure but more than likely it would have asked you to run a file to unlock your pc. Which would more than likely be the file that would actually allow them to make changes on your system. Then maybe require you pay a fee to get you pc unlocked or even gather all the data from your desktop/device. Scary stuff and something that could catch a lot of people out, this is the reason people need to know and be aware. Those ads aren’t any normal kind of ads and something you should stay well away from.

Personal Views

Showbox is back? Although it’s news many want to hear, Showbox is not back and there are no signs of it returning any time soon in 2020. Stay well away of any updated Showbox Apps, Clones or sites like showbox.space. Also avoid MovieBox Pro which is also a clone and rammed with trojans.

Head over to our Downloads Section and and you will find a lot of downloads in there to help you get started finding alternatives. Alternatively you can head over to our Pin Codes section for both Filelinked and APK Time. Here you will find lots of Showbox alternatives that do pretty much the same.

Lastly is make sure you are using a vpn to keep safe and hidden online. Take a look at our recommended vpn!


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