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Showbox Is Back 2021

I’m sure we all know of the popular streaming app Showbox that was shutdown a while back now. But I have some news that will make streamers that enjoy free Movies & TV Shows ecstatic. What if I told you Showbox is back in 2021?

Showbox Is Back 2021

Showbox Is Back 2021

Showbox was taken offline towards the end of 2018 and we haven’t seen anything from the developer since. Today on April 1st we found out the developer is back and it will be pretty much the same app as when it left. I know a lot of people struggled to find a replacement as good, so people will be overjoyed to hear that Showbox is back in 2021.

April Fools


I can only apologise for this, but as you know I love a good laugh and this was the ultimate wind up. Let me know who you pranked on April fools and did it end well? I’ll take myself away from this situation now as I’m guessing enough damage has been done. Enjoy your day and as always, thank you for all the love and support!

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