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Remote Mouse Not Working On Fire Tv Stick ?? Let's FIX It

Remote Mouse Not Working On Fire Tv Stick ?? Let's FIX It

I just posted another video on my YouTube Channel. Check it, get involved in the comments, and don’t forget to drop a like, and subscribe for more great content!

Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE. This is a fast tutorial just for people to come to if they have problems with the apk. I haven’t put myself on screen on this one because …



  1. Heyyyy. My firestick remote dont work so i use the app . can you tell me how to use this with the app

  2. Finally got this to work… only thing is when I try and search for a movie, I can't click any of the letters….. help!!

  3. Finally! After days of searching and hours of videos, it fucking working! I think that calls for a like and subscription.

  4. Still doesn’t work for me. Im using Firestick TV 4K. Debug on device is on but mouse toggle is stuck on starting even after turning off the upper 2 ticks and clicking ADB settings then turning it back on.

  5. Fire TV Cube didn't work after this and found out the TV Cube has two steps more since this didn't work for me. 1.11 version and 1080 50 HZ (4K doesn't work) selected in display options.

  6. I completely reset my Firestick 2 to the factory settings and reinstalled mouse toggle for Firestick. But it’s not working, and has a status of Starting. I also keep getting a prompt popping up saying “Allow USB debugging? The computers RSA fingerprint is: then a bunch of letters and numbers. It only does this when I install mouse toggle.

  7. I am still have problems with mouse toggle on 2th gen fire sick.
    It is saying started but no cursor showing up.
    Followed all advice and even got the aap for my phone as advised by some people on line,but still not working .any ideas on what to do next or is their an alternative remote I could use.thanks for your videos and help.jon a

  8. Yes.when I do that it just turns it off. When I click to turn on it comes back on and goes to started,everything seems fine just can’t get the cursor up.i have uninstalled and reinstalled different versions with same problem.thank you for you replying to me.

  9. HELP! No matter what I do the mouse is stuck on ''starting''…..Any ideas what the issue is. Just brought the 4k firestick just for Showbox and mouse wont work!

  10. Don’t know if I’m just being simple, but the mouse toggle is working on my FireStick but i can’t seem to scroll down the page??? FireStick remote doesn’t have a scrollball

  11. Free Tech. Can I get you to help me. I installed the CetusPlay fire tv but the mouse is not working correctly when I try to use it act irregularly it moves all over my screen.I am on a tablet a LG G Pad F8.0 and windows 10 and I have enable the ADB bebugging and turn on the Apps from unknow sources

  12. My app says started, but dont have the remote control, using remote on phone, double tap on play/pause button doesnt enable, any suggestions?

  13. Hi , I installed the BBC Iplayer through filelinked as well as the mouse toggle but i can't get the iplayer working at all and 4k firestick tells me that Amazon does not support this application. Any advice from your end ??

  14. Hi, if active the mouse toggle what should be coming up as " status " ? The only information I am getting is status " starting " does this means that the mouse toggle is now " active " ?

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