Remap Buttons On Android TV Remote

Sometimes you don’t use certain buttons on your remote and it can be useful to change the button functions. Maybe You want a button to do more than 1 thing. You can if you remap buttons on Android TV remote!

Remap Buttons On Android TV Remote

What Does It Mean To Remap Buttons

To remap a button is to give it a different function. So the home button is used to take you to the home screen, the Netflix button to go to Netflix. You can remap buttons to change what that button does, or to add another function. So to put it simply, it’s to change or add to what a button does.

Button Mapper App For Android TV

The most common app to remap buttons on Android TV remote is button mapper. It allows you to not only change what a button does, but to also add another 2 functions to it. It gives you the option to have single press, double click and also long hold functions for each button, meaning 1 button can do 3 different actions.

Why Remap Buttons On Android TV Remote

This isn’t something everybody will want to do, but it can come in real handy to create quick keys to your favourite apps or most used features. Such as the Nvidia Shield Pro remote for instance, you can customise the Netflix button to launch another 2 apps or even change it from launching Netflix, to launching a totally different app.

How To Use Button Mapper On Android TV

Here is a video tutorial of how to use the Button Mapper app on Android TV, this will also work on any device. Note that some devices don’t allow you to customise certain buttons as they’re built into the OS. You will see in the video which buttons you may not be able to change.


Can’t Remap Netflix Button

You will find that you can’t customise the Netflix button on MEOOL devices and possibly some other Android TV devices. If we take the MECOOL KM2 for example, the 4 quick keys can’t be changed which launch Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video & Google Play. I contacted MECOOL about this and they told me this can’t be changed due to the operating system. But you can still change other buttons on the remote such as the bookmark & TV guide buttons.


When you remap buttons on Android TV make sure you know what that button is for and you don’t change any of the essentials. Button Mapper will override the intended function and will do whatever you changed it to. I suggest leaving the Home & directional buttons the same and not to change them. You can always turn off the customise option for a button to cancel this or delete the app.

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