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REAL-DEBRID | How Can it Help You & Can it Stop Buffering ?

REAL-DEBRID | How Can it Help You & Can it Stop Buffering ?

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Real Debrid –

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  1. Don’t now how anyone or anything can benign to “begin “to understand IPTV…. can some one do some thing with out thousands ov channels, just all sports, for fuck sack that car to be that hard ,,,,. Shoooorly,,,, ,,,! Please not re fuckin. Lodi did ,

  2. Thanks Adam, good informative video, I personally have used Real Debrid for a while now and find it so simple to use. The cost is ridiculously cheap for what you get.

  3. I see in the comments a few people asking is RD free. No but it is very cheap. Around £15 for 6 months, no limits. All they ask (or demand) is that you only use it at one IP address at a time. Up to 4 devices, I think. So no using it at work and the missus/hubby/kids using it at home at the SAME TIME.
    You get 800 loyalty points on a 6 month sub. When you have 1000 points you can trade them in for a free month.
    Also, if you use a VPN make sure yours is on the RD Whitelist. I use Digibit and all their servers are whitelisted.

  4. Has anybody ever told you how wonderful you are?? lol Thank you Free Tech. Up and running now. Been meaning to do it for a while. Keep up the good work and keep smiling cause it suits you. You can pay me later. lol xx

  5. I can't link my Apps (Cinema HD, Cyberflix etc) on my Cooleme boxes to Real Debrid, whereas it works on my H96 box, Fire stick and Android phones. Can anyone help me?

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