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Phoenix TV Joins Morph Tv — Could This Be The Start Of Something Great

Phoenix TV Joins Morph Tv — Could This Be The Start Of Something Great

I just posted another video on my YouTube Channel. Check it, get involved in the comments, and don’t forget to drop a like, and subscribe for more great content!

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  1. I'm in a really good place at the moment. Loving making more content for you all.
    Any recommendations?
    Thank you and much love

  2. Thanks for the update, don't personally use them but will definitely over the weekend to see if it is worth it. P.S nice shiny shirt don't see many of them on the building site…!

  3. I rarely use Phoenix TV, Morph TV, or Black Panther. They are basically the same application which are just Morpheus clones. I used to love the original Morpheus TV, but it had so many flaws which is the same problem with the Morpheus clones. The searches take much too long, you can't use real debrid, you cannot search by genre, and the video quality was very poor compared to other apks. These problems need to be rectified before I can use any of the Morpheus clowns regularly. Right now I do 90 % of my streaming with Kodi which is still the best thing out there in my opinion. I also use BeeTV and and Cinema HD, but I prefer Kodi over everything. I was really big on Terrarium TV and all the Terrarium clones especially Cyberflix, but lately every Terrarium clone that I have from Cyberflix to Titanium TV to Dream TV to Typhoon TV are giving me horrible search results when it comes to using real debrid. The only two that still pull great real debrid links are Cinema HD and BeeTV. I will just stick with my Kodi. Even though Kodi is slower than the apks the search result quality from a good Exodus/Covenant clone are unbeatable.

  4. Hi Adam, I use morph tv all the time since I 1st saw it in one of your vids/reviews, awesome app, has never caused any probs, can only get better with devs working together, would like to see a new section rather than just trending, popular etc, cheers big lad.

  5. Much like dream tv and cyberflix the trakt integration is useless you can’t access it and choose from it all it does for you is keep trakt updated on what you’ve watched which is useful but I want to have my trakt list available to scroll through and choose

  6. Been a subscribers since your early days and it’s incredible how quickly your channel has grown. Wish you all the success in the world Freetech. Keep up the great work ?

  7. what has happened to atom vpn i cant seem to get it to work anymore even after uninstall and re install , im not sure if its my system or the app..
    love the channel

  8. Morph is one of the unsung APK,s, pulls good scrapers, plenty of content, thanks again mate. What goes Mark Mark? A dog with a hairlip

  9. At the moment I'd my go to apk is cinema hd so if morph tv can change there layout etc then I'd give it a go , needs real debrid for sure

  10. Hi, great video, but I was told to delete version 1.74 before I could install the update 1.76, but it didn't download so now I have neither ???? Is the site then do you know ? . Thanks and love the bad jokes !!!

  11. Hi mate; can you please tell me what I can do for Morph Tv to display the Icons properly as for now I only see the frame of the Icon but not the picture. I have got a 4.4.2 android box.

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