Ola TV Not Working

Yesterday I noticed a huge amount of people saying that Ola TV was down and the app stopped working. As we know Free Live TV apps are prone to takedowns due to copyright as we recently saw with Mobdro, so Ola TV users were expecting the worst. So I decided to have a look at different forums and found the reason for Ola TV not working.

Ola TV

What is Ola TV

Ola TV is a Free Live TV app for android devices such as Firestick, Android TV devices, Mobile, etc. It’s packed full of content and has multiple lists containing the same channels giving alternatives if a link isn’t working. Ola is possibly one of the most popular and well known apps when it comes to Free Live TV, which is why when users found Ola TV not working, there was huge concern.

Ola TV Not Working

I noticed the problem yesterday evening (March 9th) when there were people starting to comment on Facebook. Some said Ola TV not working, some were saying RIP Ola TV. So I decided to take a look on different online forums, the app itself, and other social media platforms. But, the good news is Ola TV has not shutdown and will either be up and running as normal when reading this or will be in the very near future.

What Happened?

When checking for any updates on Reddit I noticed a post in the Mobdro group that said it looks like Ola TV will be under maintenance for a while.

On the thread I also noticed somebody posted a link to an Ola TV chat forum, where we could see exactly what was happening. The most important thing is that the app is back online now but if it isn’t working for you, it could be due to the update or the media players installed.

One thing that did seem odd was the fact that the media players required to use Ola TV could have been the cause for the app going down. Apparently, the two players Ludio & Kshaw weren’t happy with the ratings inside the Google Play Store, and until this was resolved Ola TV was going to stay offline.

In their chat forum it does say the app is back up and running and both Ludio & Kshaw are happy with the ratings they are receiving since the update. Make sure to delete any of the old media players from your device and reinstall from the Ola TV update. Don’t forget to check our updates section to make sure your apps are working as they should.

Ola TV Not Working

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