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Official Kodi Website Has Gone Down. Does This Affect Kodi?

Toady (25 September 2019) the official Kodi Website has gone offline. The good news is it looks like it’s nothing to do with piracy. The bad news is, all official downloads from the site have gone also. Today we talk about The Official Kodi Website Has Gone Down. Does This Affect Kodi?

Millions still prefer to use Kodi over APK’s, but now you may struggle to find the official downloads. We also don’t know how this will affect Kodi itself at this time. But hopefully it’s all a bit of confusion and we will see the website backup shortly.

Why Has The Official Kodi Website Gone Offline

We have all seen what has happened in the last week regarding piracy, Xtream Codes and IPTV. But the good news is at this time it’s not looking like this has anything to do with piracy or illegal streaming. When visiting the official Kodi website we are now greeted with this message.

 Official Kodi Website Offline Message

So as you can see we get a message from the host saying the web address couldn’t be found. We also have a Tweet posted by Kodi Official.

As we can see from this post Acquia was the sponsor of Kodi. Aquia is a hosting website which also hosted the Official Kodi Website. But it seems the sponsor has decided that Kodi is taking up too much resources, and probably not seeing the benefit from sponsoring. We don’t know 100% why Acquia have pulled the plug but we will keep this post updated whenever we know new news.

Does This Affect Kodi

This doesn’t affect the software at this time, but we aren’t sure what else is hosted on Acquia. We will keep you updated and let you know of any changes, but it’s hoped that dependencies and add-ons aren’t affected too.

Where To Install The Official Kodi

You can still install the Latest Kodi Release from stores like the Google Play Store. But you can install all versions from our website in the Downloads Section. We have Kodi 17.6, Kodi 18.4 and Kodi 19.0. Kodi 18.4 is the current stable release that was the latest version available from the Official Kodi Website. Visit Our Downloads Section Here!


Keep Upto Date

We will keep this post updated. As the story unfolds the the news will be added here.

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