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Nova TV – A Brand New Streaming App For Movies & TV Shows

We see new Apps come and go but they all seem to look the same. Nova TV is a brand new App for Movies & TV Shows will be refreshing to a lot of people. Thank god it’s not another Terrarium TV Clone!

How The App Works

Nova TV App is an App that works as a search tool to crawl websites to find Movie/Live TV links. When searching you will see more and more streams become available for you to simply click and watch. In simple terms, it searches the web for streams and you can watch them from within the App. Basically the same thing all other Apps do.

The App is very much like Bee TV, which recently has sky rocketed in popularity. Also the speed it finds the links is much better than most Terrarium TV Clones.

Main Features

This App has all the features you’re going to need which will improve your experience using the App. There are several features which you can take advantage of and I personally have loved testing the App. All these can be seen in the settings section of the App.

Real Debrid & Premiumize

First of all I’m happy to see that Nova TV supports Real Debrid. This allows you to search the App to search for streaming links from premium sites. If you want to know more about Real Debrid you can watch this video : WATCH HERE


This is another feature that many take advantage of. Trakt allows you to keep organized and see what you’ve watched, what’s been released etc.

External Player

Although the internal player does a great job, it also allows you to use external video players. The two main players are MX Player and VLC Player. If you would like to know how to install any of these you can click below.

Filter Out Unwanted Links

This is the part I love the most. You can have the App filter out numerous unwanted links. The App also allows you to set the App to show Real Debrid links only, which in my opinion is awesome. You can turn off adult links, unaired seasons/episodes and more.

How To Install Nova TV

The install process is simple, but you may need to use different downloaders when it comes to Firestick/Fire TV devices. We will start with the Firestick Guide below and Android Boxes/Phones after.

Nova TV On Firestick

Nova TV On Android

NOTE: When installing on all other android devices any web browser can be used. Such as Google Chrome or Firefox. We just used Puffin TV as an example.

Important Notice

We do not know what permissions or licenses this App has to distribute the content which it does. It’s worth checking the terms and policies in the app, and also checking the laws on streaming in your region. We do not condone any form of piracy or streaming of content you don’t own.

A VPN Is Recommended For Streaming

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It’s recommended to use a vpn when streaming for various reasons. One been that a lot of Apps may be unofficial and third party. So a vpn is a good call to make sure you stay hidden online to stop personal data being collected. Another positive is your ISP (internet service provider) can block links and servers from your address. A vpn will bypass any ISP blocks.

We have a list of Free vpn’s you can try in our Downloads Section, or you can watch the latest video on YouTube : WATCH HERE

We also recommend a premium vpn with support across all platforms including Firestick and Android devices. Visit Official Site Of Recommended VPN Here

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