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NITES TV Returns After Recent Seizure

Just as Nites TV started to gain huge popularity, it was taken down by Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE). But it looks like it is back and Nites TV returns after recent seizure.

Nites.TV was arguably 1 of the fastest growing streaming websites available to the public for free. With a super clean looking interface and impressive playback, this really was looking like it was going to be the next big thing. Nites TV was also free of any advertisements, and accessible direct from a web browser without the need to download any apps making it user friendly from the go.

Nites TV Shutdown

All this came to an end in April 2020 as the website was taken down by ACE who are a copyright protection body representing all big broadcasters such as Amazon, Netflix, Disney and many more. We had our doubts from the start that it was a legitimate website with the appropriate licenses which in the end became apparent.

Now when visiting the Nites TV website we are directed to the ACE website and no longer able to access the previous content which was on the site.

Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment

NITES TV Returns After Recent Seizure

Now just weeks after the recent takedown of we are seeing a new website which is pretty much an exact clone and the only thing different is it’s not The only thing different is the url ending differently to the previous Nites TV site.

We did see a Tweet from Nites TV telling us they were going to making a comeback, but never did we think it would be this soon or so similar to the previous site.

Now if you don’t know what Nites TV was in the first place you can go ahead and check out our recent post explaining more about the content available and how it works etc.

There’s no denting there are going to be a huge amount of streamers happy to see Nites TV is back and working just as good as before.

Is Nites TV Safe

A lot of people will be asking themselves, how does a website offer such a good platform with no sign of revenue earned. As we know the site is completely ad free and no login is needed. This could indicate that something shady could be going off in the background but we aren’t entirely sure. These may just be a few people wanting to give back to the community without any gain. But we would always recommend using a vpn to keep your ip address hidden so you can stay anonymous while browsing online.

At first we also thought that this could be a totally different developer trying to copycat Nites TV as it was growing so fast. We did a check on the url and it does still show as Nites TV, but we can’t be 100% sure.

Nites TV website

Nites TV had been running for quite a while before gaining more interest from streaming enthusiasts. With no reports of any wrong doing before this it does indicate the site may be pretty safe, but many things can happen in the background so do take caution when streaming content on unofficial 3rd party websites.

Will Last?

You will more than likely see grow just as fast as it did previously, if not faster. Resulting in more exposure which will more than likely once again gain the attention of ACE. So more than likely within a few weeks we could see the new website seized and offline. But no doubt they will come up with an alternative url or method as it seems the recent seizure hasn’t fazed them and they tend to carry on doing the same.


We do ‘NOT’ condone any form of piracy or illegal streaming online. We do not know what permissions or licenses this website has to distribute the content which it is offering so proceed with caution.

Nites TV Returns after recent seizure

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