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It’s sad to see that the awesome website is now offline after just a few days. There were concerns it wasn’t an official site and was just a matter of time. So why is Nites TV Offline?

Nites TV Offline

Nites.TV Down – The website was found just a week or 2 ago, and it looked too good to be true. A website giving you all the latest Movies & TV Shows for free and was totally ad free. We also found the speed of the site was very impressive and playback was flawless. But without the correct licenses and permissions, it always left the site vulnerable to takedowns.

Nites TV let you access all the latest Movies & TV Shows which was great because of the current situation with us all having to stay home. But like anything, if you don’t have the rights to distribute the content then you will be taken down. This is mostly likely the cause of Offline.

Will Nites TV Come Back

What happened to Nites.TV? – A lot of you will be seeing not working and the website is offline. With all of us being stuck at home this is the last thing users want to see after the website performed so well. With so many job cuts and pay cuts, it’s pretty hard for most to pay for official streaming Apps. But that maybe the best option after seeing that Nites TV taken down.

We aren’t sure if the Nites TV website is gone for good, but it doesn’t look good. There were concerns from the very start about how legitimate the site was, which indicated the life of the website would be short lived. The reason Nites TV is down could be due to a server issue or update, but more than likely it’s been removed because of a DMCA notice. So we expect the Nites TV offline situation to stay the same.

UPDATE: Now upon launching the website we are greeted with a message from a copyright enforcement agency (ACE) letting us know the site has been taken down due to copyright infringement. We are then directed to the ACE website telling you the official places to watch licensed content. This means Nites TV wont be making a come back and our concerns were right regarding the site may not have the correct licenses to distribute the content it was showing. It’s unfortunate to see Nights TV Offline, but it’s also something we expected.

UPDATE 21/04: It looks like Nites TV is officially gone, but also looks like they are looking for alternative ways to bring free legitimate content.

Wo Are ACE

Nites.TV gone

Ace are formally known as the Alliance For Creative And Entertainment. They represent all the big name broadcasters such as Sky, BBC, Netflix & more by offering a common mission of helping consumers maximize their online experience, and reducing the illicit and illegal acts of online piracy that harm the thriving digital ecosystem.

In other words if there is a site or App offering streams & content they don’t own, ACE are the ones who shut them down. Usually first by warning then if the illegal site in question doesn’t comply, they will be liable to fines and damage costs.

But all is not lost as there are other ways to get free content from legitimate sites/apps that work awesome. Check out the video to see just a few of them.

You can be kept upto date on this post if anything changes and the site comes back online. I would suggest finding other ways to watch content as that scenario is highly unlikely, but you can always keep an eye on our latest posts. To avoid any buffering from free links, you maybe best looking into getting an official service for the best streams with such as Netflix or Prime Video.

1 last thing you should always bear in mind when visiting unofficial websites or third party Apps is using a vpn. You never know what personal data is being collected amongst other things. So make sure when streaming content you use a vpn, you can visit our Recommended VPN for the best deals.

Nites TV Offline

Nites TV Out Of Service


  1. Some of us had been using for over 6 months! It wasn’t until eejits like yourself found it and made it famous that it got a lot of publicity and shut down, people like you are dangerous you want to get yourself attention and a following but you are just causing problems for sites like nites

    1. So saying a site/App is launched but has no users. How do you think people find out about them? Did you just decide to type in that particular website 1 day? Not me but there are many that take to YouTube promoting them but I wouldn’t say they are the problem. Why would a dev create anything if there was no users?

    2. Well sadly Bob you are the eejit here if you think a dev would spend all that time and energy creating a site just for you and your buddies. Also, to call Free Tech “dangerous” for simply spreading the word about an excellent service is surely bordering on slander.

    1. Who is we? We as in Jadam? Cause if youre saying that please for the love of God try and get nites back up, that site for some people was the only thing that kept some people sane during these times of quarantine.

    2. I hope they come back, that was an awesome sight. I couldn’t believe how reliable it was….. hope you make it back! Beat the MAN

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