New Ways To Easily Install SHOWBOX On Any Android Device

New Ways To Easily Install SHOWBOX On Any Android Device

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32 thoughts on “New Ways To Easily Install SHOWBOX On Any Android Device

  1. I've downloaded the showbox apk & installed the app on my android phone,but it doesn't load the showbox home page its just a blank screen & I've even tried with a vpn & still a blank screen…

  2. I Keep My Location Button Off On My Phone Unless I Need It, Because It Drains The Battery. I Noticed Since I Reinstalled Showbox, The Location Button On My Phone Keeps Turning On By Itself Which It Very Rarely Does πŸ€” I Uninstalled I Don't TRUST IT. πŸ‘πŸ’―

  3. I think showbox uses torrents and that's what your isp can see… it's what it uploads that's getting you caught out… this happens on u-torrent stay away from ANY popular movies and shows games and music without a vpn… Find another way to directly download stuff from a Google search.

  4. Weird question for ya. When am try'in to "Crack On" and go to your filelinked it won't allow a download unless I turn off my VPN. I used NordVPN been using it for two years in case you might wonder why I don't use IP Vanish…anyways any idea why I have to turn off VPN to download from your filelinked…

  5. I am re- posting this… I posted this on LeeTV so people know they will come after people if they are careless…Like I was…Here because Free Tech recommended you. Just a heads up…I was one that a year or so ago I received a letter from my cable provider who is also my INTERNET provider that I was watching unauthorized content (is how they worded it). Told me if I did not remove Popcorn Time that they would drop me as a cable customer as they to would be subject to legal action and legal actions would be be taken against me by and I don't remember the group but it was based in California. Now I didn't know the difference between streaming and downloading because it was automatically wiped when the movie was over on Popcorn Time…So I did two things immediately because it honestly scared the crap out of me I got a VPN NordVPN to be exact and deleted Popcorn Time…So it is real folks they will come after you . I don't know how many warning one gets but this 1 was enough. Be careful people.

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