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New Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019 Release Date

The most powerful Android Box on the market is the Nvidia Shield TV. And now we finally see the New Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019 Release Date.

Nvidia Shield TV Pro Released On Amazon

Yesterday we saw the Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019 version listed on Amazon for a brief moment. You could pre-order the Nvidia Shield Pro for $199, which is quite a chunk lower than expected. But the listing didn’t last for long, and has now been removed from the Amazon Store.

The strange thing we found is it was listed on Amazon, but nowhere to be seen on the Nvidia Official website. Although the Nvidia Shield Pro has been removed from the Amazon Store, at least we now have an official release date.

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Official Release Date Of Nvidia Shield TV Pro Edition

As you can see from the listing above, we can expect to see the Nvidia Shield Pro Edition to be released on the 28th October 2019. With the brief time the post was listed, we don’t know if it was actually intended. But the most probable cause of the listing being removed is that all the pre-orders have been purchased.

Is The Upgrade Disappointing?

The only real difference between the Nvidia Shield TV & the Nvidia Shield TV Pro Edition, is really the controller. The only real differences that are noticeable is the remote, and the new and improved Tegra X1+ chip.

The Tegra X1+ will help us see an improvement in performance and speed. Nvidia claim that the new Nvidia Shild Pro is 25% faster than it’s predecessor.

Nvidia Shield TV Pro Remote

Another change which is the most noticeable is the remote. In my opinion I preferred the previous remote, it just looked sturdier and more durable. The new remote has a real tacky look too it with a dedicated Netflix button, not sure why. Another thing that’s disappointing about the remote is that no mouse feature has been added. When using an android tv box, a remote mouse can come in real handy. But I suppose when using the Nvidia Shield with supported apps, a mouse wouldn’t be required.

A nice feature is that the remote has motion sensors. Meaning when you pickup the remote it activates a back light. Although it doesn’t look great in my opinion, I look forward to getting my hands on it to review. The remote also has a built in locator, making it easy to find when it goes missing.

Another nice change to the remote is that it now runs off normal batteries. The previous remote used a battery that wasn’t the easiest to access and hearing a lot of people like this change.

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Is There Enough Changes

With the Nvidia Shield TV been released in 2017, I would have expected to see a lot more changes. Not all necessarily to do with hardware, but the design also. The box itself is an exact replica of the 2017 version, with a new remote. Doesn’t feel like much to get excited about does it?

But there are a few other upgrades that have been added to the Shield Pro. It now supports Dolby Vision HDR and AI upscaling. The Shield Pro also supports Dolby Atmos, which is unlikely to be added to the 2017 version.

Is It Worth It

If you don’t own a Nvidia Shield TV already and looking to purchase one, then absolutely. With it been in a similar price range to the 2017 version it’s a no brainer.

If you already own a Shield then everybody will have different thoughts on this. I personally will upgrade, but most of the reasoning behind it is because I will be reviewing it. What we will say is that the 2017 version still out performs any other android box on the market, so many won’t see the need to upgrade.

If the new features and upgrades are what you need and will benefit you, then go for it. Also the locator on the remote will be great for houses with young families. Mine gets lost all the time.

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