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Netflix Pro For Android | Is It Worth Looking At ?

Netflix Pro For Android | Is It Worth Looking At ?

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  1. What a ook about lol to install something that looks a load of ???? especially with friggin advert remaining up the top of the screen ?

  2. Free Tech, I went to play store and looked for pro player. Which one of The players is pro player. The pro player I get is for music. Is that the right player or is there another name for pro player for movies? Thank you!

  3. I'm in the US and used to use mobdro to watch sporting events like ufc on BT sports. With their weird plan to use devices with the apk loaded on it what do you recommend as a replacement. Also, it was good for movie channels like hbo

  4. I know that most folks are keen on MX Player, but I've had EXTREMELY good luck with the YES Player. I've gotten some links to play that neither MX Player or VLC Player would play. If you're using Cinema HD, you can use it as your main player. If you're using Cyberflix (my favorite), it has to be set up as "play with" in the settings…….just food for thought.

  5. Okay, you just admitted what dog s*** this bogus app is. Now you need to remove it from your filelinked store. Why would you possibly have the app in your store in the first place? Are you getting a cut on the side from this app? Was this video secretly an attempt to get people to try it out out of curiosity to get even more on the side from this application that is shady?you know it's a garbage app that no one should be using, please remove it from your filelinked store.

    If you won't remove it from your filelinked store then could you at least explain why you have it in there? And don't tell me that is because people want the application and that if you remove it they will get mad or upset that they can't find it there anymore. If you know it's a bogus app that is garbage then why offer it to begin with and if people actually want that crap then let them go elsewhere.

    I realize this might sound a little hostile or come across that way, that's not my intention. My intention is to have good resources for things when I need them. You happen to be one of my go to sources at the moment. Along with about 3 others that I have found to be very reliable. If you have garbage like this in your filelinked store then it makes your resource less reliable. any chance you could try to keep the must have good quality applications there and get rid of crap like this?I'm pretty sure your numbers reflect hardly anyone bothers with it in the first place, just ditch it.

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