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NaviXsport Not Working? It hasn’t Shutdown it’s had an update!

NaviXsport has stopped working for users in the past couple of weeks. people are starting to see that there are no scheduled games coming up on the app nor does it look like it will start working again. But has NaviXsport been shutdown? Or has it been updated and you are using an older/outdated version?

What is NaviXsport?

NaviXsport is an app which searches the web for Live Sports Streams. So if a Sports Event was due to start you would visit the scheduled section and see listings of different events. Once finding and clicking on the desired event it would direct you to a page with multiple live streams for that event. NaviXsport now has a few apps which are very similar too it and we will see those later in the post.

NOTE : We DO NOT know what permissions this app has to stream the channels it does. So be sure to check the terms & Conditions and also check policies on streaming for your region.

NaviXsport not working?

UPDATE – NaviXsport is back and working as good as ever in the new update. See post.

People have been in a craze trying to find the same quality content that NaviXsport delivers. With sporting been at it’s peak this time of year, there are more users trying to find it. But why is NaviXsport not updating? Why does it not load games up anymore?

NaviXsport update

The answer is the app has had an update. But NaviXsport is no longer available as the update, it’s now Changed It’s Name. There are ways to install NaviXsport v1.07 or 1.08, but these don’t seem like official updates. The app NaviX are officially advertising is LiveSports TV. This is a Brand New app and it mirrors NaviXsport.

LiveSports TV is currently on version 1.1 and it’s only recently been launched. NaviXsport official pages are also promoting this app which strongly leads us to believe they have now changed the name. This could be due to a few reasons. Firstly is that they could have been pursued by authorities for copyright. Secondly could be as simple as the name didn’t explain the app very well. But there could be many more reasons as to why the app has moved to Live Sports TV. But the app is 100% the same layout as NaviXsport, the only difference is the theme colours.

How to install NaviXsport / LiveSports TV?

There are multiple ways of installing the LiveSports TV app and it’s also available on the Google Play Store. But the easiest ways are to install from the websites as many streaming devices aren’t compatible with the correct version Google Play Store. Below we will show 2 websites which support the official download for LiveSports TV. Simply visit the website on your device and download the file and it’s as easy as that. When using Firestick it will state that Google Play is needed to run the app. Just click the back button and the app will run as normal.

NOTE: We are in no way associated with this app or the content it offers. Please read the terms and policies as we do not know what lisences the app has to broadcast it’s content.

How to install LiveSportsTV / NaviXsport on Firestick

On Firestick the Google Play Store is not supported so it will need to be installed via a web browser. We will leave a video below that will explain the install process. It’s as simple as visiting downloads.streamtrendz.com and you will find it there.


How to install LiveSports TV / NaviXsport update on Android Boxes and Android Phones

To install LiveSports TV on android box, android phone etc it’s pretty much the same process as Firestick. So you can follow the video tutorial above. The only thing you will do different is use your devices web browser and not Downloader. And the process is that simple.

Alternative Apps

There is one alternative app which is very similar to NaviXsport besides LiveSports TV. This is called WOW Sports. It’s been around quite a while and some people rate it higher than NaviX ever was. You can find this in numerous different Filelinked Stores and websites. You can Find a Huge list of Filelinked store in our post. SEE POST HERE

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