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NaviXsport Is Back – Best Vola Sports Replacement

After the recent shutdown of Vola Sports and the Sports Live App saying Bye Bye, we decided to try NaviXsport again. It seems like that NaviXsport is back up and running, and working better than any other Live Sports app at the moment. So if Vola Sports not working is an issue for you, this post could likely save your day!

Vola Sports Not Working

Vola Sports recently changed it’s name to Sports Live, but sports streamers are finding that Sports Live says Bye Bye, and that’s it. You may see the odd Cricket stream on there, but it seems that’s not what most of you are interested in. So if you are a user of Vola Sports and want to know more about why it isn’t working, you can find out more Here.

NOTE: When using third party apps to stream content we always recommend using a vpn to keep your location hidden and also stop your internet service provider seeing what you’re streaming. You may also find some streams are blocked by you ISP and a vpn can bypass these blocks. Check out our recommended VPN.

What is NaviXsport

NaviXsport is a streaming app that allows you to watch live sporting events for free. Although a lot of the streams may not be in your language, it’s still a great last resort if you can’t find a live stream anywhere else. You may also see that games don’t load, 1 of the main reasons for this is the channels are only usually active when the event is live. Many of you who use Vola Sport will find the layout is very similar so you should be familiar with all the things in NaviXsport, and we will show you where to get it in a moment. We must admit it’s great to see NaviXsport is back up and running!

NaviXsport is back

Sports Live Says Bye bye..

For those of you who have just installed Sports Live and you are finding it just says Bye Bye when opening, there could be a reason for this. We would suggest trying out NaviXsport at the moment because that is actually working, but Sports Live is a brand new app. This makes it likely the app needs updating or they are in the process of still building the app and adding features to it. The other reason could be that they just didn’t bother and we may never see it fully working. So if you are a Sports Live user, for the time being it’s probably a better idea to use NaviXsport.

So now we have explained a little about what NaviXsport is, why Vola Sports isn’t working and why Sports Live says Bye Bye. Let’s tell you how to install NaviXsport and tell you some things you may need to do to get the app working on your device.

How To Install NaviXsport

The great thing with NaviXsport is it’s available from their official website, so if you’re using a Firestick, Android TV Box, Mobile Phone, or any other device, it’s going to be simple to get.

Open the web browser on your device and visit the website. On the home screen you can scroll down and you will see 2 download buttons for Android, try clicking download 1 and if that doesn’t work select download 2.

Follow the install prompts like you would with any third party install and note you may have to allow apps from unknown sources on your device. Once the install is finished you’re set and ready to go.

You will also be able to download the NaviXsport app from most reputable FileLinked stores. You can find the most popular Filelinked codes in our Pin Codes Section.

Frequently Asked Questions

ERROR ‘Google Play app not installed’ – If you are using an Amzon device such as Firestick, when opening NaviXsport you may see the ERROR, Google Play Services app not installed. This is normal and simply click the back button on your Amazon remote to remove the error. You should find that the app still loads up as normal and can still be used the same as on any other device.

Games not updating – If you find that the live events list isn’t updating, go into your Apps on your device and clear the data from NaviXsport. Then when launching the App it will do a fresh start and load all the latest content.

What version should I be using – At the moment NaviXsport is on version 1.3. To see if there’s any updates you can visit our Updates Section, or visit the NaviXsport website and see what version is listed on there.

This post was to let you know that NaviXsport is back up and running. If in the future anything changes, we will update this post to let you know why and what alternatives there are. NaviXsport is back!

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