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MX Player – The Best External Video Player For Android

MX Player is by far the best external video player for android devices. But did you know it’s just as easy to install MX Player Pro on your device? It is used by a huge majority of android users and still ranks highly above VLC Player, Lime Player, Wuffy Player and all others.

What is MX Player

MX Player is the best media player ever created. Having a video player with excellent features and video quality for your device is a necessity, whether it is a smartphone or PC. We all love to watch movies and tv shows on our android devices but built in players don’t always give the best viewing experience. This is because the built in players haven’t been designed like MX Player which is a dedicated media apk.

MX Player allows you to play all media from from your device straight through it. These are known as external media players. There are numerous media player apps you can use but why does MX Player & MX Player Pro seem to be more popular than all its competitors? This is because of it’s easy to use interface and in depth features so you can make sure your content is being played at the highest quality.


Plays All Type of Media Files

A great feature is that it’s compatible with a great number of video formats like AVI, WMB, MP4, FLI, VIVO, PVA and so on which are supported by multiple codecs like Win32 DLL, XAnim, etc.

Supports Super HD Video Playing

This application can play a High Definition video of 1080p resolution with ease. You do not have to worry when watching movies on a wider screen because it has clear graphics.

Super Clean and Good Looking

It has a super friendly user interface with easy access to the different features and functionalities. The app also has a pretty basic layout making it easy to use on smartphones as well as on other devices.

Advanced Features

It supports pinch gestures like Zoom in and Zoom out feature which can be accessed even on a running video.

Multi-core Decoding

It supports multi-Core decoding i.e. SW, HW, and HW+ so sometimes when you play a long duration full HD video on your phone, laptop, tablet, etc. 

Subtitle Support

It supports subtitles that have a highly editable font. Using this app you can quickly download English subtitles of any movie from the web watching the movie. This is one of the apps most popular features as so many streamers prefer to watch content using subtitle’s.

What’s the difference between MX Player & Mx Player Pro

Mx Player Pro

There aren’t any added features or functionalities when it comes to using MX Player Pro, the only difference is there’s no ads. But the majority of downloads for the ordinary version are now modded, this meaning ads are removed from the app already. So if you were thinking about purchasing the pro version for added features then don’t, because there are none.

How to install MX PLAYER

Installing MX Player is easier than you think, but we want to get the version without those annoying ads. So that’s why we are going to show you how you can install both versions of MX Player completely FREE. The install guide will show the process but both versions are available from the same place.

Which device are you using?

It is important to know that if installing on Amazon Firestick or Android Fire TV the install process is a little different as you need to use an app called Downloader. This is available in the Amazon Store. If you are using any other device such as an Android TV Box or an Android Phone you will just use a regular web browser, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.

Install Guide

It is important that you allow apps from unknown sources before installing apps on your device. On Android Phone & Android TV Boxes you will usually get a prompt. Where as on Firestick you will need to go to – Settings / My Fire TV or Device / Apps from unknown sources and turn on apps from unknown sources.

Once you have turned on apps from unknown sources if using Amazon devices you will now open your web browser (Downloader if using Firestick)

  1. Type in the following URLhttps://letscrackon.org/downloads/
  2. Scroll down to Media Players
  3. Click on the version you would like to download (MX Player or MX Player Pro)
  4. You will then be directed to a download page
  5. Scroll down and click on the Download Button
  6. Wait a few seconds and your download will start
  7. Once the download has finished click install (make sure to allow permissions if prompted)
  8. Then click done
  9. NOTE: It’s important to delete the download file once the app has been installed. As download files can take up precious storage on your device. The download file is no longer needed as it’s only required to install the application.
  10. Then you will find you have the MX Player app inside your apps.

NOTE: When first launching MX Player it will ask you to allow permissions. Be sure to Click Allow otherwise the app won’t be able to work.

MX Player Video

Here is a video demonstrating the install on Firestick. But you will not need Filelinked as you can install through the website letscrackon.org direct.

Other Popular Media Players

There are quite a few different media players you can choose from. The other we recommend which is almost as popular as MX Player is VLC Player. You can install VLC Player by following the same install guide as above but selecting the media player you want to install instead of MX Player.

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