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Morphix TV Now Requires Login

Morphix TV was an growing in popularity then got hit with an update requiring logins. Don’t worry we got you. Morphix TV Now Requires Login.

Morphix TV was 1 of the better Morpheus TV Clones and was gaining popularity fast. A new update has just arrived requiring you have the Login Details to sign in. We got you covered!

I don’t know if there is also a limit on the amount of users also. As I’m not sure why they would add logins to the App.

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What Is Morphix TV?

Morphix TV

Morphix TV is a clone of the older Morpheus TV Apk, A few others you may know of is Black Panther and Morph TV. All these apps have the same easy to use layout and work the same. I like these apps as they work well on slower devices too. This website will be updated when anything changes too.

NOTE: Morphix TV will more than likely need updating from the version you currently have. You can see how to install Morphix TV below and find out more information about the app. Upon writing this post we are currently on 1.10.


Morphix TV Logins

Enough of the talking. You will find logins below. These are working at the time of writing this post and I have no idea how long they will work. The logins below are from the Official Morphix TV Website!

Morphix login


Username: tmdb

Password: morphix

NOTE: Click Save Logins

Here are some alternative logins you can try if the above don’t work.

Username: BubbaSucks

Password: ElFinderRules

Credit to the Modder El Finder for these logins.


You can find a lot of Apps modded in APK Time if you’d like to check it out. You will find it in our Downloads Section. We will also put the Install guide below.


These Logins have nothing to do with me they are just the ones which worked. If they don’t work for you make sure the App is upto date and the details are entered correctly.


  1. Was gutted when I updated to find it needed log in details so thanks for the update…. however, is anyone else struggling to get in as it says invalid details ?

  2. The username is not working for morphix tv they must of changed it already lol

  3. Dead… invalid. I wonder if they were true from the beginning or just click baits for you..

  4. Links are dead from the time of posting. Makes me wonder if this just a click bait. Please don’t delete my comments and learn to accept diversity..

  5. Hey Big Andrew, Loved your IGLOO JOKE..
    Anyway fella Tmdb n morphix is working is just retyped and it’s sorted..
    thanks ? good man..

  6. The Username: tmdb
    Password: morphix worked for me the second time around. I suggest entering the info twice if it doesn’t work initially.

  7. Been watching you for a while now , im not tech minded at all but you have helped me massively , i really appreciate it , thanks

  8. Hi everybody.
    It seems Morphix are having server issiues (maybe due to high traffic), so you may be finding it wont sign in. When there’s any updates I’ll let you know.

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