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Mini Retro Gameboy For Under $15 | 400 Games Built In

Mini Retro Gameboy For Under $15 | 400 Games Built In

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  1. Awesome review brother. Nice device for a nice price. Pac Man was my all time favorite. Keep the content coming. Hope you enjoy your day. Much love bro

  2. I like to play Pac Man super retro game, now a days I play CoD4 online shooter, nice review and if I had any sprogs I would buy one for them, but they all growed uoop and left home. Thankd man.

  3. Haha I still remember the big grey nintendo brick, that you had to insert one game at a time, and when it didn't work you had to take the game out and blow on it ?

  4. oh im old haha.. but this is a cheap n cheerful for the daily commute too (bus n train wanker anna ??) but im also old so i was like wow manic miner and … realised nobody will remember so.. outrun (wec le mans if arcade though) gyross or gyruss i forget now…had the best catchy music ever.. (goes to check..)

  5. Grand Theft Auto Vice City stories and Liberty City Stories plus the Mortal Kombat video games and the WWE Smackdown video games those were legendary on the ps2 baby

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