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Ivacy VPN is a great budget vpn but and you can find a link to the best deals here: SEE BEST DEAL

A lot of people are having issues with the Ivacy vpn download from the Amazon store. You may find it takes a long time to connect or the app just randomly closes. This app works great, it’s a lot faster and it also has more option giving both county and server choice.

Why Ivacy vpn?

I recommend Ivacy to people that are looking for a reliable vpn that works with pretty much any streaming service but doesn’t hurt the wallet. More popular van’s tend not to work with official streaming apps, and that’s what makes Ivacy vpn such a good alternative.

Ivacy vpn not working on Firestick

I have reached out to Ivacy and they are looking into why the app may be temperamental for some users on Firestick and they are going to look into it. But what I will say, is after trying this version of the app, it seems much faster and better.

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